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    I recently purchased a new notebook; my first computer running Windows Vista. Setup went fine until I synced with my Windows Mobile Treo. I have synced twice with the same results -- my Treo was renamed both times! The first time to WINDOWSMOBILE77, the second time to WINDOWSMOBILE9. I'm very, very fortunate -- I saw what happened, renamed my Treo to its former name before I synced again with my old XP computer, and ActiveSync saw it as the device it is. All is well momentarily, but this will happen again when I sync to the new computer. Is this normal behavior for the Windows Mobile Device Center, or did some other program do this? Is there any way to lock down the device name to what I specify?

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    This whole naming problem for Windows Mobile devices is inexcuseable. Why is it so hard to name or rename a Windows Mobile device? Even the old PalmOS had a better solution! What solution do iPhone and Android use, and how well does it work? I hope that this foolishness is solved in Windows Mobile 7!
    05-05-2009 12:38 PM
  2. timlayton's Avatar
    I love my HTC Pro running windows mobile. My development phone is an HTC Diamond and I test on both XP and Vista. Sync has worked for me flawlessly for years... I am excited about TechED and learning more about the windows mobile 6.5 SDK!
    05-20-2009 07:01 PM