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    Hello there.

    I have googled all over the place, without a good solution, so I am asking you guys, if anyone please, can help me with the settings on my calender to show the All-day events on the Today-screen.

    If I set the appointment as "all day", the Today Screen says "No Upcoming Appointments" but if I set the event to a certain time, IE between 6am and 5pm, then it will show up on the Today Screen as "(Event) - 6:00AM - 5.00PM"

    I have set All-Day Events to show on the today screen (the tick-box under Today Screen -> Calendar -> Options) but for some reason it will only show the event if it has a set start and finish time. It should work with "Show All Day Events" ticked, but it doesn't.

    Please, I need some serious help here.

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