1. glidersgalore's Avatar
    I have looked all over my phone, and the web for a program or a way to email a contact or business card from my phone. I used to be able to do it with my old Treos, I know the the Iphones and BB can do it, what am I missing. It was kinda sad sitting at a business meeting, giving the Ipohne guys a little crap and well he was able to email me his contact info via a vcf file, and all I could do was try and beam it to him. What gives?
    08-11-2009 07:54 AM
  2. Travelin'Rich's Avatar
    Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but on my Tilt running "stock" 6.1 I have an option to send the contact information as a vCard. After you open the contact, hit the Menu button. When I do that I see this option along with the option to beam the information (under the Send Contact option).
    08-11-2009 01:22 PM