09-06-2009 04:47 PM
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  1. Phil Nickinson's Avatar

    We've been big fans of Kinoma Play since, well, forever. (Check our our first review here, and complete coverage here.) As far as media players go, it's among the best in breed. And so, we're helping the fine folks at Kinoma give away two copies of Kinoma Play to a pair of lucky WMExperts readers.

    So here's the plan: At the bottom of this post are a slew of videos put together by Kinoma. Check 'em out, and check out all of the Kinoma Play features at the official site.

    Then, in this thread, leave us your top three reasons why you believe Kinoma Play is the best media player for Windows Mobile. Get your entry in by noon EDT on Sunday, Sept. 6. We'll pluck a pair of winners from the posts and announce them in next week's WMExperts podcast, to be released sometime Monday.

    That's it. It's as easy as, well, using Kinoma Play. Good luck!
    09-02-2009 01:17 PM
  2. Kloc's Avatar
    Top 3 reasons Kinoma Play is the best media player out there:

    1. Because WMexperts say so.
    2. Because Phil told me to say so.
    3. Because I can listen to WMexperts PODcast on the go.
    09-02-2009 01:46 PM
  3. dmc78's Avatar
    1. Because its like its own mobile OS since there are so many built in apps.
    2. Takes away any coolness from the Iphone.
    3. It just works and even an ***** like me can figure it out.
    09-02-2009 02:25 PM
  4. jasonachang's Avatar
    Why I believe Kinoma Play is the best media player for Windows Mobile:

    1. I love the automatic updating of my library. Using this in conjunction with Live Mesh makes it easy to wirelessly sync my Touch Pro so that I always have my updated playlists.

    2. I love the user interface. It's damn smooth!

    3. I love being able to access all of the PodCasts.
    09-02-2009 02:26 PM
  5. MaxLaw's Avatar

    Then, in this thread, leave us your top three reasons why you believe Kinoma Play is the best media player for Windows Mobile. Get your entry in by noon EDT on Sunday, Sept. 6. We'll pluck a pair of winners from the posts and announce them in next week's WMExperts podcast, to be released sometime Monday.

    That's it. It's as easy as, well, using Kinoma Play. Good luck!
    Unlike a few other folks here, I have used Kinoma Play, albeit in the free variety. (1) I think it is good to not need other media (such as MP3) players, when all you need is Kinoma Play. (2) Although it is rare that I listen to a podcast on my Palm Treo Pro, it is convenient to have Kinoma Play search for them, without my having to do the work--that is what good software is all about, isn't it? (3) I really do like to listen to free Internet radio and find it difficult to use another search engine and then try to find a station that will play without telling me "Error" and other such reasons for not playing. Kinoma Play can search for them and they actually will play! More smart software to help me out!

    I could keep going but you said that you only wanted three (3) reasons why Kinoma Play is the best! :thumbsup:
    09-02-2009 02:44 PM
  6. synergy's Avatar
    Kinoma is best:

    1. Looks and feels very cool.
    2. Integrates popular sites like Youtube, facebook.
    3. Has extensive list of stations and podcasts.
    09-02-2009 02:51 PM
  7. sixer's Avatar
    1. I like the internet radio stations
    2. The interface looks great
    3. Good access to all of my media
    09-02-2009 02:55 PM
  8. twcook's Avatar
    I have been a kinoma user since it first came out, while I have my copy, I would really like to win this so I could give it to my son. This time around I finally decided that I could get by without any other media players so Kinoma is all I have installed any more. I just wish it would allow me to shuffle playlists imported from Windows. Actually, what I really wish is that they'd add an app that would let me use Kinoma to read and respond to emails and text messages! The pocket outlook user interface is so pitiful by comparison to Kinoma. Anyway, as requested, the 3 reasons:

    1. Best implementation of a kinetic user interface around - the responsiveness is great, scroll speed about right, "finger friendliness" well thought out and rarely results in mis-selections.
    2. Extremely broad list of stuff that it can play - not only all the media files on my phone (movies, pix, music, etc.) but a rather wide variety of things online and if I get really bored, I can find more content online with it than I can ever find time to play. It's rare to run into something that it can't play.
    3. Extensibility via their "apps" that seems to be generating a lot of new connections to things like facebook and twitter. I don't need all of those and the ability to add them or choose not to is a huge win; I can put the stuff I actually care about on my home page and ignore the rest. I especially like access to my online photo libraries on flickr and picasa. I used to have to download libraries that I wanted to be able to show on my phone but not any more.
    09-02-2009 03:05 PM
  9. bellor's Avatar
    The reason I think a converged piece of software that does all of the things I would ever need with my media is a must have on a smartphone is that I am totally tired of having to flip through a bunch of programs just to be able to watch a streamed video or listen to my music. This is where Kinoma Play comes in. This has got to be one of the most converged pieces of media software I have ever seen. It is simply built to make my life easier and more enjoyable.
    Therefore, I say, Kinoma Play is just what I need as my WM media player because:
    1. It makes watching videos on the net much easier.
    2. I get the same interface for music, video and pictures.
    3. One load of one program and looking at pictures and listening to music at the same time has never been easier.
    09-02-2009 03:29 PM
  10. njmarchetti's Avatar
    1) Streaming Podcasts works perfectly and allows you to resume from the last place you left off.
    2) Ability to customize default file formats.
    3) BEST Flickr access for Windows Mobile. If you love browsing Flickr, Kinoma is worth it for that alone.

    I can't wait to show off the Flickr integration on that gorgeoues VZW TP2 screen.
    09-02-2009 03:45 PM
  11. jfa1's Avatar
    its the perfect program for a converged device you got the phone, you got the music play you got the podcasts and and your pim data all in one device beats carrying the pda the phone the pager and the ipod. What a deal!!!!!
    09-02-2009 03:53 PM
  12. oguime's Avatar
    I've been using the Free Play version and really enjoy Kinoma Play.

    First benefit I noticed while using it to listen to podcasts everyday on the way to work was that I could resume playback from the point I stopped.

    The second was the nice implementation to access photos at my Flickr account.

    I hope to win so that I can also download podcasts from within KP and also use it with Twitter (third and fourth) :)
    09-02-2009 05:01 PM
  13. SpriteGF's Avatar
    1. Kinoma Play has a very intuitive user interface. This is something that should have been a part of Windows Mobile instead of screwy Microsoft Windows Media.
    2. It's very easy to search for items.
    3. It's the only program out there, as far as I know, that supports streaming podcasts!
    09-02-2009 06:06 PM
  14. baymon#WP's Avatar
    My top three reasons based on my experience so far:
    1. Absolute integration with various multimedia services, especially RSS and podcast.
    2. Finger-friendly multimedia player. We have yet to see how the new CorePlayer 2.0 conquer the finger-friendly match against the other player, but until then I'll have to say that Kinoma is the way to go.
    3. The free version offers great features that will be sufficient for regular users.
    09-02-2009 06:21 PM
  15. carlos2008's Avatar
    1.streaming capabilities.
    2.youtube integration.
    3.touch frienly.

    this are the reason why I think kinoma is the best player for windows mobile.

    09-02-2009 07:06 PM
  16. digitladestined's Avatar
    Top three reasons...

    1. The ability to handle a ton of media formats
    2. Kinoma Play is very clean looking and "finger-friendly"
    3. It's like a "one-stop shop" for media...i love it!!
    09-02-2009 07:34 PM
  17. Paul Cahoon's Avatar
    1. wm experts recommend it.
    2. the videos looked cool.
    3. I need a good music player for my new samsung jack.
    09-02-2009 08:07 PM
  18. Nagrom Nniuq's Avatar
    Top 3 reasons Kinoma Play is the best media player out there:

    1. The integrated services are awesome and you can upload (I use Orb, Flickr, YouTube & Audible).
    2. They provide a free version that is also extremely good.
    3. Plays AVC/H.264 video.
    09-02-2009 11:20 PM
  19. fone_fanatic's Avatar
    You know, i gave up on music on my phone long time ago and now that i think about, never gave it a second chance. I don't have a BT headset and don't want to carry around the extUSB to 3.5mm conversion for my HTC Fuze (Raphael). But my car does support BT streaming and usually i use resco radio or another online streaming app, which doesn't work well on long drives out of the city when i loose 3g reception.

    After watching those videos, i think i'm gonna give my device a second chance. What first got me was podcasts! Seeing as how i move around a lot and don't have much time to sit there and download music, i just sync 10-15 podcasts to my iPod Touch and thats all i seem to need. Now that i can get those on my device... this is gonna be great!

    Viewing pictures on flickr... full screen! this is gonna be good.

    Last.fm! installing trial now.

    This is probably the first time a promo/ad has had this effect on me. I'm optimistic :D
    09-03-2009 02:31 AM
  20. branedge's Avatar
    1. love the interface
    2. love the way it handles photos and videos
    3. great for ob
    09-03-2009 01:21 PM
  21. fpatano's Avatar
    1. A great user interface for ORB, Invaluable.
    2. A Ridiculous amount of streaming content available, from shoutcast to podcasts.
    3. Picasa integrated right in, no need to go to mobile web to view pics stored on Picasa, just log in and view them as if the pics were on the phone.

    BONUS: Awesome user interface for touch and non touchscreen phones!
    Bonus 2: A untimed free version as well as fully stocked paid version!
    09-03-2009 06:04 PM
  22. fenixrising123's Avatar
    1. Streaming content in general. Podcasts, ORB, video....
    2. Apparently windows media player and beyondpod cant handle certain video podcasts, but kinoma can!
    3. no more copy and pasting janky rss URL's. Kinoma has the content guide which makes life easy
    09-04-2009 11:50 AM
  23. simbadogg's Avatar
    this is pretty easy
    1) constantly being updated
    2) not just a media player, but a media suite. picasa, youtube, last fm and other streaming radios stations, and many more
    3) it beats the hell out of having 10 different apps, when you can get them all consolidated in one super app. the youtube app for example is even better than googles own youtube app for winmo. that really says something
    09-04-2009 01:00 PM
  24. xdalaw's Avatar
    To me, the top three things in Kinoma Play are:
    1) the Kinoma Guide,
    2) the ability to stream podcasts without downloading (although you can download, too),
    3) Twitter/Facebook capability.
    The only thing I don't like about this amazing app is the RAM it uses when it runs.
    That being said, Kinoma Play and Normsoft Pocket Tunes are my favorite WM media apps!
    09-05-2009 02:44 PM
  25. slabay's Avatar
    I think Kinoma Play is the best media player because:

    1. Able to stream my favorite podcasts without downloading beforehand.
    2. Able to play internet radio stations
    3. Able to be the hub for all my pictures on my device.
    09-05-2009 07:39 PM
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