1. Dave Blake's Avatar
    Nice peace of software you can read the main Article/Review HERE

    Like Slacker or Pandora but better just search for the song you want to hear and hit play. Very nice!
    10-22-2009 08:42 PM
  2. Centerri's Avatar
    Great. Thank you. :thumbsup:
    02-28-2010 06:54 PM
  3. jh20001's Avatar
    I agree, it's a wonderful app. The only disadvantage is that more than half the time it doesn't work. I get it to work 1 out of 10 times every time I open it. Most of the time you hit search and it just sits there. I have read elsewhere that lots of people see this and its prob because the service keeps going down. It's worked a couple times though, and when it has, it's a great app :)
    03-29-2010 12:40 PM