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    Hi y'all i've been working on making Windows Phone 7 themes for WAD2.
    I've already completed 6 versions which you can get here

    Special Editions
    Dark Edition: Here
    Abstract Dark: Pending
    Abstract Light: Pending

    Normal Editions
    Red: Here
    Blue: Here
    Green: Here
    Orange: Here
    Pink: Here

    This is just the base of the WP7 UI so you still need to personalize it yourself.
    Once in a hub, just click on the "(<)" icon to return back to the homepage. When you slide through the homepages and appscreen; due to the animation the docks will disappear. If in the homepage, just tap in the middle right side of the screen and your docks will animatedly come back. If in the appscreen, just tap in the middle left side and your docks will animatedly come back.


    Just drop by a request if you want more colours.

    Pls add comments.
    09-09-2010 08:19 AM