1. bmw3wags's Avatar
    Does WP7 support voice to text? also what about voice control?
    01-25-2011 09:42 AM
  2. chsoriano's Avatar
    The LG device has a voice-to-text app/feature built-in, but as of now it is the only device that has it built-in. You can use it to dictate e-mail, sms, status updates, and possibly some other functions. (I don't have an LG device so I won't try to create an exhaustive list).

    Regarding "voice control" the WP7 OS supports voice commands to some extent. For instance you can dial contacts (at various phone numbers) by saying something like "Call Mom Mobile" or "Call Dad Work." The OS recognizes your contacts' names (First, Middle, and Last) but it also recognizes nicknames, and sometimes it is easier to use nicknames instead of full names (i.e., Mom, Dad, Chris instead of Christopher, etc.). You can of course dial by speaking the contact's full name, or nickname. You can also dial a phone number simply by speaking it (i.e., "Dial ###-###-####")

    All WP& devices can also search the web, or search for local businesses (restaraunts, movies, gas stations, etc.) by voice. However, I believe this is only supported in select countries/regions at the moment. This support will obviously be expanded.
    01-25-2011 10:59 AM