1. baileywf's Avatar
    I have a Samsung Focus on AT&T. Today, I noticed that the only information that appears in the "ME" contact is just my picture and the "What's New" page. I thought there was contact information associated with the "ME" contact that was linked to my Hotmail account and profile. Am I dreaming?

    Also, I noticed that the information in my personal contact record that is stored in my MSN account has been wiped out; when I go to the Windows Live website to view my contacts, I can still see the picture of "ME" but when I open the contact, there is no personal information in there. However, when I view my Contacts from Outlook, everything for that contact is still there!

    Has anyone experienced weirdness like this before? What suggestions would you have to get this information back? Is there a way to reset the "ME" information? Thanks!
    02-23-2011 12:58 PM