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    Will the W7 Arrive synch directly to my office system via exchange server or is a cloud account required. I know it sounds funny but, I've been searching for an OS that doesn't handle the contacts in their own "social server"/cloud before pushing off to exchange. My words probably aren't correct but here is the case. On Outlook, I store/view all my contacts undeer the Company name then sort by last name, first name. so Bob Andrews at IBM would look like:
    Andrews, Bob.
    On Palm, Iphone and Android, when I edit a contact from the mobile device, that is, add a note, or anything that changes data in that contact, the contact gets re-stored/viewed-as/saved/re positioned as Last name,First name and the Company name doesn't show anymore on the desktop. I is now alphabetized under Last name. Bob Andrews leaves IBM and is stored as Andrews, Bob. IBM is still present, it just doesn't show on the view as screen like before.
    03-15-2011 09:35 PM