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    If their are any former blackberry users here can you advise if Windows 7 has the profile feature?

    For those of you who are not aware of what that is, you can basically control which emails play a sound and which one don't, for example if you don't want to hear your work emails all night you can have work email silenced while you still hear when you get a personal email.

    Same thing for callers, you can choose what time your phone will ring and what time it will go silent.

    I am really looking forward to the HTC HD7S to come out on AT&T soon so I can make my swap. I use to be a BB fan then went over to the Iphone4. Now I am feeling the itch to move to Windows.
    03-29-2011 07:53 PM
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    Short and long answer is no.

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    03-29-2011 08:26 PM