04-19-2011 03:28 PM
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  1. garak0410's Avatar
    I really want WP7 to come into it's own but right now it just doesn't compare to Android. two things I forgot to mention were Google Talk and Google Navigation. Two things I use all the time on my Android device. Google Navigation is free and works perfectly.
    Yes...those are good apps...and do not get me wrong...I want WP7 to succeed and perhaps be the #1 Mobile O/S...I just can move to it...YET...and trust me, I want to leave Android...just too many good apps in a quirky OS...
    04-19-2011 01:55 PM
  2. MrBigFeathers#CB's Avatar
    Why do people have to have multitasking. Its only a few seconds. I've been using a Captivate for a week or so, and I have to say, my Focus is a better phone. Android is slow, and clunky. It does a lot, but doesn't do a good job at most of the things it does.
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    Multitasking for me is necessary because if i'm halfway through reading a long email I can open a different app and come back to the email and it will be where I left it. I don't have to find my place again. I can pause a game and come back where I left off. After the Mango update I will be interested to see how WP7 is but by then what new stuff will Android be doing?
    04-19-2011 03:28 PM
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