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    You can revert back to previous firmware?

    Here's my story... I unlocked my Focus to get the update and homebrew apps likes TVShows7. So I upgraded to NoDO and retained the unlocked Focus and apps like TVShows, Samsung Tools, Registry Editor. Recently, I felt my keyboard had been acting up and wanted to wipe by device... so I wiped and lost the unlock and xaps could not be installed manually.

    I searched and found a thread on xda that shows simple steps in order to get everything back. I saw everyone was saying, once updated, you can not go back, so wanted to let y'all know that it is possible to go back.

    • connect to Zune
    • Select Phone
    • Select Settings
    • Select Update

    There you will have the option to restore... select that.

    I am actually still on NoDo (unbranded) because I went from unbranded NoDo to AT&T branded NoDo.
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