1. firedancer1189's Avatar
    So I browsed briefly but haven't come up with a definitive answer just yet. My question is it possible to disable the first part of an incoming text message from flashing across the top of your phone? For the most part I enjoy it and find it handy but there are times when I let people view pictures, play games on my phone etc. Would be nice to be able to turn this option off during those times for a little added privacy.
    07-14-2011 02:06 PM
  2. hardrock1a's Avatar
    Simple answer? Nope
    07-14-2011 02:19 PM
  3. selfcreation's Avatar
    dosent look like it. not for now any ways .
    07-14-2011 02:34 PM
  4. Dagolara's Avatar
    No, but you can swipe it away.
    07-14-2011 02:39 PM
  5. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    No, but you can swipe it away.
    But what if someone sees the 'Hiya Sexy' (Or worse) before you have time for a swipe ? LOL :)
    07-14-2011 03:17 PM