1. Samsteele's Avatar
    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this issue and if there is any kind of fix for it.

    So my girlfriend just got an iphone 4 and I've been trying to send pictures through text to her but she doesn't receive the image, she can send them to me and I get them but not the other way.

    Any advice or known issues of this?

    08-21-2011 06:09 PM
  2. Winterfang's Avatar
    I want to know this as well.
    08-21-2011 08:03 PM
  3. CoopII's Avatar
    Not the Same but I have a Optimus 7 on TELUS and my GF is using a Iphone 3g on Fido and we are able to send pictures back and forth to each other just fine oh and come to think of it my sister also has a Iphone 4 now also on TELUS and we can also send pictures back and forth to each other.

    The only issue we have ever had and I think it's a TELUS issue and every so often both my phone Optimus 7 and my Sister Iphone 4 will say picture removed because Handset can not display it. Yet send the same picture again or some times two or three times and it works.
    08-22-2011 07:56 AM