1. Musicman247's Avatar
    I entered this in the video contest, but I also wanted to share this song/ringtone with the community. I figured we have the best phones and we should have an awesome theme song to go along with it.

    Link to video:

    Ringtone is attached as an MP3 in a ZIP.
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    08-26-2011 02:49 PM
  2. bear_lx's Avatar
    very nice! i actually could listen to that song on the radio!!! haha. love it, great job!now i will be singing that all day!
    "this is my windows phone, ....amazing power and speed, it runs like a dream! i wouldnt trade it for anything, its got what i need!" lalala
    08-26-2011 03:20 PM
  3. DrSaiko's Avatar
    LOL good stuff.
    08-26-2011 04:10 PM
  4. Jazmac's Avatar
    Man, I dug the heck out of that video. Love the hook. You got my vote. It was NICE!

    I'm throwing it up on my facebook page man. Its' catchy.
    08-26-2011 10:21 PM
  5. electricbopeep's Avatar
    Love it! The hook is catchy AND actually makes sense - something that can't be said for many mainstream songs. Excellent work!

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    08-27-2011 05:06 AM
  6. Jazmac's Avatar
    I listened to this last night about 8 times and just so you know, this morning, its stuck in my brain. lol
    08-27-2011 12:52 PM
  7. Reflexx's Avatar
    Great song!
    08-27-2011 02:18 PM
  8. Musicman247's Avatar
    Thanks for all the support guys! I was kind of bummed that I didn't even place in the competition, but here's hoping Microsoft takes a look at the vid and says "Hmm, we could use a song like that in our upcoming marketing campaign." :)

    ...I can dream, can't I?
    08-29-2011 11:18 AM
  9. Reflexx's Avatar
    If it's any consolation, I think you should have placed.
    08-29-2011 02:18 PM