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    Hi All:

    I require assistance, on account of my sister. We got our windows phones back in the day and I don't own a mac. To help her "activate" her phone, we used my PC and then she flew off to Chicago to her MAC WORLD. I made sure she had the mac connector and now she's on her own, without tech savvy and unable to get her phone to update (she missed NoDo for gods sake).

    The latest is that if she tries to update, the MAC COMPUTER says that the phone is already synced to another computer. It offers a button to "undo" that bit, but the button does nothing. How can a sibling in another city with a terrible computer get access to updates as sweet as NoDo and... dare I ask, MANGO?

    Any help, speculation, or suggestions would be appreciated.
    09-30-2011 01:12 AM