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    I've linked my LinkedIn account with my phone, and thus with Windows Live. All my LinkedIn contacts are linked with those already in my phone, but if I get another LinkedIn contact afterwards, the contact in my phone will not be linked (even if they have the exact same name). I go to my account on Live.com, and if I sort my contacts just by LinkedIn, they do not appear.

    If I go to my other settings on Live.com and sort of refresh my entire connection with LinkedIn, my phone/Live contacts will then connect every LinkedIn contact.
    But when I do that, I have to remember to go through my phone to re-connect those contacts whose names might be a little different.

    Going to my phone settings and refreshing my LinkedIn account there doesn't seem to do it.

    Is there some setting, either on my phone or Live.com that will give it a real refresh to reflect my newest LinkedIn connections?
    10-11-2011 10:41 AM