11-01-2011 12:32 PM
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    Apple did no hornswaggling. The apple fanboys took little tiny snippets of information from uncredible sources and blew it up into something epic, like apple peeps always seem to do. The rumor sites kept the ball rolling by posting a new rumor article every day. Apple never said what the new phone was going to be called or when it would launch. That was all the rumor mill talk. The only rumor I was hoping to be correct was a new form factor with a slightly larger screen. That was what let me down. The hardware is a huge step above the IP4. I could have stuck it out with apple and itunes if they would have given me at least a 4" screen.

    You know, with all the rumor mills, the only things iPhone 4S didn't get was a larger screen and a new chassis. Otherwise, the new specs are quite good - A5 dual core at 800 MHz, SGX 543 (big step up from the 540), 16/32/64 GB storage, 5 element glass lens, F2.2, 8 Megapixel backlit sensor, better camera software, tons of iOS 5 software improvements. etc. Does iOS need dual core - No - but it sure does run nice. Believe me, I'm not an Apple fan boy but that is an awful nice piece of hardware and that Retina Display at 3.5" still rocks. MS is going to have problems staying at WVGA. Could you imagine WP7 on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus hardware (dual core, HD - 1280x720P screen) vs. the Titan? Not even a fair fight - I don't care how much smoother WP7 is - Ice Cream Sandwich is smooth and Matias Duarte knows how to make an OS run - look at all the WebOS people holding on to their poor Pre+/-, Pre2, Pixis and a few lucky ones with a Pre3 (what the Pre2 should have been). And for those of you thinking the superior WP7 will eventually win out - look where WebOS is - it's still a great operating system running on poor hardware and a terrible marketing plan.
    11-01-2011 05:06 AM
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    The main reason i switched to WP7, its just plainly unique, the tiles show people your character, or who you are as a person I should say. I love looking at the tiles with info popping up every few seconds, that way I dont have to pick my phone up every 5 seconds of a minute.

    iOS is nice, the iphone fits well in the hand, but it is beyond played out! I think WP7 will be a force when they create that HUGE ecosystem with Xbox Live/ Zune/ WP8 etc. They have all the qualifications to bring a beast out, theyre just spending time raising their wild child at the moment is all..lol.

    My LG quantum has gotten BETTER with Mango, Battery life is still by far the best i've had on any phone! Im SOLD!
    11-01-2011 08:43 AM
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    I have a 3g on iOS 4.2. My phone has been getting slower since I left iOS 3. Also no way to go back which sucks.

    I am tired of the grid of app icons and want something fresh. That is he main thing drawing me to wp7. I am not a power user. Basically use my phone as a phone and internet device. Some navigation also. In these aspects I have no need for apple. I also use facebook so having it all in the same place will be nice.
    Actually, you can go back - at least on the iPhone 3g. I had iOS 4.2.1 on my 3g and have "downgraded" to iOS 3.1.3. Much, much faster - though there are a few apps that I lost because of not having iOS 4.x.
    11-01-2011 11:50 AM
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    Thanks for that! I'm not sure it had a positive effect on me, but the more I know the better. The social integration is overkill imo, but maybe that's something I can turn off to an extent. Apps being more expensive isn't something I was expecting either. Hmmm...
    At first I was hesitant about linking my social networks to my phone. In fact, I've had my Focus since like January and I just decided to completely try the social aspects when Mango came out. I gotta say, I really enjoy having my online contacts integrated. I'm not huge on Facebook/Twitter but it's nice getting all my updates in a half a second. I can reply to comments or pictures plus post my own updates. It just really brings the phone to life.
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