1. marcojavier's Avatar
    Went around this mall for cellphones a while ago, the WP presence was so dismal that I was only able to find an HD7 and a Mozart.. :-( (I really wanted an Omnia 7)

    Is it worth buying it at this point? The price is $306 (in conversion). But I'm trading in my CrapBerry for that, so I will only have to pay $159.

    The phone is second-hand. I tested it a while ago, no defects (seemingly, for now). 16GB. One month warranty. There's a new HD7 I can buy for $375, but it's only got WP7 installed, and I'm not sure if it's possible to update here to 7.5 in the Philippines. And since it came from T-Mobile, I'm willing to bet it only has 8GB.

    The Mozart more or less goes around for the same price..

    Which one do I go with? The Mozart doesn't seem appealing to me, and the only advantage it has over the HD7 is the pixel density.

    Do I go with the used one or the new one?
    11-11-2011 06:37 AM
  2. Pronk's Avatar
    I have a used, debranded mozart running Mango. It's a nice little phone and nice and quick. It is compact, but I've never had any issues typing or reading things onscreen. The aluminium chassis is solid, and it has arguably the best camera setup of the 1st-gen devices as it's an 8MP shooter with a proper xenon flash. Downside is you don't have an LED so can't use torch apps.

    With an 1800 mAh extended battery (same one as the Desire Z, so plenty available) you can easily get 1-5 to 2 days out of a single charge.

    Really, it comes down to what you'll use the phone for. if you're going to be doing a lot of typing, reading and watching video you might want to get the HD7 and then get it debranded so you can update it via Zune with generic software. If you just need a solid, reliable, not too bulky smartphone with a decent camera, the Mozart will be fine.
    11-11-2011 08:07 AM
  3. marcojavier's Avatar
    Wow, the 8MP camera is a game changer.. so confused now :(
    11-11-2011 08:38 AM
  4. Pronk's Avatar
    Well, depends how much of a camera nut you are. It may be 8MP, but it's still a last-gen HTC unit. It's better than a 5MP last-gen HTC unit, but camera quality has been one of HTCs weaker points for years. There's probably less in it than there seems.
    11-11-2011 09:51 AM
  5. cedarlog's Avatar
    HTC Mozart
    11-11-2011 11:39 AM
  6. Mr.Moonlight's Avatar
    I have both. An HD7 for development and a Mozart for everyday use. The Mozart is the better device IMO (which is why it's my everyday phone and the HD7 isn't). As a bonus, it looks cooler as well.

    BTW...the T-Mobile Mozarts are the ones with 16 Gigs. The unbranded ones only have 8.
    11-11-2011 05:24 PM
  7. ronaldd's Avatar
    You can use HD7 it is good phone and with large display and camera with high mega pixels.
    11-15-2011 06:49 AM