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    Hello thank you for reading my post.

    I have been on an iPhone since they basically were released. Was fed up with it (mainly because I was on a 3G version and it was super laggy and since I don't have a computer, was using it frequently)

    Knowing that I don't have a computer, i obviously have a good amount of experience using the web browser on ios, and even though I've only had this phone less than a week, id say i have a bit of experience using this browser.

    I was always against other phones just because the cheap plastic hardware, and no decent hardware in general on phones other than the iPhone. Keep in mind i am in no way an apple "fan boy". IPhones were the only apple products ive ever owned. Anyway, i just wanted to switch so i bought a Samsung phone last week off contract and am now a user of a cheap plastic phone lol. But it's okay, i think the phone looks slick and i guess it's not too bad. But i have some questions and concerns with this windows mango OS:

    the maps application: i search an address and want directions to this place. Works fine. But now what? Do i really have to go into settings, applications, maps, clear history, in order to use the maps app again? This is baffling. How do i get the damn directions off the map application without doing this? I feel im fairly good at figuring things out but can't seem to figure this out. This can't be the only way to do this. Please try this out on your phone and tell me what you find out.

    Next issue with browser: there is no forward button? Or back button???? Wow. I understand I can use the back button down at the bottom of the phone to go back. But what if I'm out of IE doing something else on the phone, open ie back up and want to go to the last web page was on... Can't use that back button then. This is another thing that shocks me. No forward or back button?? Come on.

    Okay now this is really bad. If anyone has used iPhone you know you can tap the top of the screen (like where the time is) and it would take you to the top of the page you are viewing. Not just in safari but in anything. This was just a standard thing you don't think of and just do while on the phone. I find it VERY disappointing that wm does not have a feature like this... Really?????? There is no way to jump to the top of the page? I've noticed on the home screen, if you scroll down and press the windows home button it scrolls to the top. This is great.. Until you are in IE and press that button, because then it obviously takes you back to the tile page and away from the browser. Maybe a swipe down from the top would bring you back to the top... Nope. Holding down the windows home button.. Nope, i don't want to talk to my phone. Come on! Hehe. Does anyone have a fix for this?

    So please experts, can you help with the following issues: no forward or back button while browsing, stuck looking at the same driving directions forever, and a jump to top of page shortcut. These problems are really disappointing me

    Other things i need help with. How do i take a screen shot? Is it true you can not take a screen shot? Come on Microsoft. This is easy marketing. I'm tired of seeing people on sites like twitter post screen shots of their ugly text conversation on ios. The texting screen looks a lot better on wm.. This would be great marketing. Everything looks so much better visually on wm versus any of the other os, but you can't take a screen shot??? Did apple patent this or something? I need screen shots.

    Other than these issues. I really like wm. Like i said visually it is awesome. It has been a week and I'm still getting used to it, but these small issues i mentioned above are really concerning. And the phone im not too thrilled with but i hope Nokia fixes this soon. I would not suggest the Samsung focus s. They put the speaker on the back of the phone so you have to put your phone screen down if you're playing music out of it. Lol. Terrible. Call and voice quality is also a step down from my 4 year old iPhone 3g.... Hmm. And speaking of the speaker, it doesn't sound good. oh and the battery life isn't that impressive.

    Oh one more thing.. I wish there was a YouTube app. I don't like the mobile site. I don't use apps, and i deleted the "people hub" so i don't really have any live tiles. I tried a weather one but i don't like how they look, so im now using the Microsoft weather app which looks the best but doesn't support live tile... Lol! Whatever though

    Thanks for reading and i am looking forward to your responses. Please help with those issues i am having. Appreciate it.
    11-12-2011 11:21 PM
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    One more thing. Phone numbers you see on the web. Tap to call or text... Wait, no option to text? Huh? Please fix this. :(
    11-12-2011 11:33 PM
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    I'm going to say this and I really hope you don't take it as rude, you should return the phone and get an iphone. I really don't think you will be happy with this OS.
    11-12-2011 11:41 PM
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    I did not find it rude, but did not find it funny either. I tell it how it is man, the things I pointed out are things that should be added to the phone (if they are not already and I just don't know how).. How could you disagree?

    Did you even read my post? I like the OS and definitely would never switch back to apple. Do you have mango? Do you know how to use the map app after you search for directions?
    11-13-2011 12:10 AM
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    1-Don't use the maps application, it sucks. Download a third party app.
    2-On the browser use the recent option, it will make you go back or forward accordingly.
    3-I don't know what you mean by top of the page so I can't help you there sorry.
    4-You can't delete the people hub, that's where you contacts are.
    5- I suggest Youtube Worm as a good free Youtube app, either that or SuperTube. Those two are rival apps so they have a race for quality.
    11-13-2011 12:16 AM
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    Yeah I just found out the recent option.. That's cool. I hate third party apps but I guess I'll have to do it for the maps.

    I didn't delete it I guess. I just unpinned it. I use the phone tile and then the contacts from there to get into my contacts. I tried that worm tube or whatever which was cool except it wouldn't keep me logged into my YouTube account which I found bad. And it also wouldn't let me play HQ videos unless I had paid version. Other than that it was nice. Can you confirm in paid version I will be logged in when I start the app?

    Thanks for your help. Wm should add screen shot, a way to jump to the top of the page with a simple tap (I've discovered if you tap upper right area on web pages it pages up but just a bit at a time)
    11-13-2011 12:55 AM
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    The paid version is called LazyTube and it does everything you ask for. As for third party apps, Microsoft seems to be having legal problems regarding GPS navigation so that's why their maps are terrible and dangerous to use, Third Party apps are free of this problems and if you have a Nokia phone ( Which apparently you have), the app called Nokia Drive should work great.

    Using your phone app then going to contacts from there seems like an extra unnecesary step but if you really don't want to have the people hub because is distracting or scary ( It's always moving...judging...knowing!) then I suggest making a group, you can have your friends or coworkers there for easy access and the live tiles are less offensive than in the people hub, not to mention important facebook/twitter updates without even clicking the tile ;).
    11-13-2011 01:03 AM
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    If you are serious about proper navigation, there are apps out there from Garmin and such which will give you a full-fledged GPS experience. If not, you can have a crack at gMaps (Pro) and Nokia Maps should be available soon (and for free AFAIK).

    Interesting alternative could be Nokia Drive. I'm totally against this, but it appears that XDA's moderators are perfectly fine with people posting the application packages of Nokia Music. From that, I assume they think it will be morally correct to post Nokia Drive when it gets out there.

    I do agree a forward/back button would be nice. I came from Opera Mini and I loved how it would cache your pages so you could instantly switch back and further. Winterfang's already stated the recent list helps, but to me it's a stop-gap until the real functionality is implemented.

    I also understand what you mean by jumping to the top of the page by touching the top, as Opera did this. It's a bit of a shame, but it hasn't totally annoyed me yet. Hopefully we'll see this implemented or some gesture to supplement it.

    There's no screenshot support baked in. You can unlock (jailbreak) your device and sideload a homebrew screenshot app, though I know this seems to be too much fuss for a (simple) feature.

    Try out LazyTube and SuperTube for YouTube. Before investing in LazyTube, I'd recommend to see where they go with their upcoming update called MetroTube. Their developers told me they had to cut out desktop content, but SuperTube doesn't do this.

    Oh, and weather? Might want to give WeatherLive a shot. The weather icons might look slightly weird, but I think it does a better job overall than some of the other mismatched apps.
    11-13-2011 01:25 AM
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    I have a Samsung phone. :( but want a Nokia if they release a good one here in the US.

    I don't have Facebook so the people hub thing didn't really do anything. Just moved around and showed a Facebook icon. I'll look into the groups thing so the people I call most will be easier to find. Cool, thanks
    11-13-2011 01:29 AM
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    Thanks lumic. I'm glad you understand about some of my gripes. We need a gesture to jump to the top of the page asap!

    Its not so much navigation, and I think the stock map seems fine, its just ridiculous that once you search for an address and then choose "directions to here" you can't seem to use the map application again. I have to be doing something wrong. That is crazy you have to go into settings and.clear.history just so you can use the maps again.

    I'll look into supertube. Haven't tried that. Thanks bud!
    11-13-2011 01:33 AM
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    Hi wprealm...to clear the maps, hit the back button then the three dots in the right hand bottom corner. Then select clear maps from the menu. I hope this is what you mean.
    11-13-2011 02:03 AM
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    Lol yes that worked. I knew I was doing something wrong. Cool!! The maps are good now
    11-13-2011 02:37 AM
  13. wprealm's Avatar
    11-13-2011 02:37 AM
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    There is an official YouTube app, so clicking links in IE makes it load...as well as superior non official apps that allow you to download the videos, search youtube, etc....
    11-13-2011 07:57 AM
  15. Winterfang's Avatar
    The HTML version of youtube is also pretty solid.
    11-13-2011 09:12 AM
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    Other than wanting to read the top of the page again, there is almost no reason to want to get to the top of the page in WP. The address bar is always visible on the bottom of the page. What do you need at the top of the page? I guess forums usually have their directory at the top, but there are forum apps that most sites are compatible with as well.

    The native maps app on my 3g iphone does not do turn by turn either. I have to click the next button when I progress past a turn. The map does not turn to my direction either, its just always pointing north. I think that changed with the iPhone 4 though since it got a compass.
    11-13-2011 10:53 AM
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    welcome to the realm of wp wprealm!

    Please try out Surf Cube as an IE alternative browser. It really is a nice app and offers quite a bit more at your fingertip functionality.

    AS for getting to the top of the page I just either swipe down fast to go up or use the site's page link go to top. If its a forum I use the jump to link.

    I don't know that I'd want a tap the top of the window to move to the top. I already do too many unintentional screen taps that take me elsewhere! Might be a handy option though after getting used to how to hold the phone.

    Am assuming you are on AT&T since you had an early iPhone - pity; because on Sprint I've had Telenav turn by turn included free with the old Palm Pre and this HTC Arrive. But guess what? telenav is offered in the marketplace for free too!

    As for weather, I'm enjoying the HTC native weather app. Tried a couple others, but this one suits me best.

    Sorry you ended up with a "cheap plastic phone" even if it does offer a brilliant screen. I was so put off by the Palm Pre's cheesy plastic build that the first time I handled an HTC Arrive, I knew this was was a device that was built to be portable and used a lot!

    Have handled many other devices on display but none come close to the sturdiness offered by HTC, well I take that back. Two devices did - but they were built to military specs and neither one offered a physical keyboard.

    There are things from WEB OS that I grew comfortable with and I miss them. You'll miss some things from iOS too. But WP offers many things that they didn't - one of which for me is stability of the OS - I've not experienced a lock up, haven't had to reboot the device, the screen is larger and has better resolution, there is more storage space on the device as well as in "the cloud". Hubs are great and apps work without having to "Doctor" or "jailbreak" your phone! Battery life is terrific without keeping the device shut down all the time. Things just work smoothly! :)

    Explore the marketplace - you are bound to find things that will suit your needs and you wont have to pay an arm and a leg for them! So far every developer I've contacted has been absolutely great in response too!

    11-13-2011 01:38 PM
  18. wprealm's Avatar
    I'll have to check out that surf cube. Thanks for the tip!
    11-14-2011 10:26 AM
  19. selfcreation's Avatar

    this is NOT WM (Windows Mobile ) this is WP7.5 ( Windows Phone 7.5 (mango) )
    hehe ;)

    it sounds like you have never even used a WP and your just saying what the rep at the store told you .. LOL ...

    funny how you say that you dint like any other phone cause of the *CHEAP* plastic , when in reality the Iphone is probly the LEESE durable touch screen on the market because of its POOR design lol. but it looks nice.... lol... just dont drop it ... EVER....

    Regarding the speaker at the back of the phone!.. hmm like 99% of ALL THE PHONE in the world? LMAO.... let me explain something to you.... Other phones (not IPHONE ) actually have a SMART design . meaning . the Glass has a BAZZEL EGE that Protects the screen (at the corners and from being scratched when its TURNED OVER) something the STUPID people at APPLE (iphone engineer ) never realized hence why the Iphone is such a Peace of crap when it comes to Durability. you put the iphone face down or face out iny our pocket = 100% chance to break... )

    The map Application..

    i dunno why people are saying , hit back . hit 3 dots.....its works the SAME as what you had ont he Iphone... just hit the search button again and put in the new address .. LMAO!!! wow... or hit the little SEARCH icon on your phone type in the address and BING MAPS will find open up and find it for you... you dont even need to open up BING MAP.

    regarding YOUTUBE APP.... did you even use your F*** Phone? LMAO. go in the markpalce type YOUTUBE and theirs like 50++ Youtube apps. LMAO!

    I don’t think you should get rid of the WP7 and go back to Iphone . I think you simply don’t know about half of what the phone can do and you assume more things are missing or are bad cause you been doing it differently for the last 4 years… if you gave WP a chance I think you would find it much more efficient/reliable/durable then your previous Iphone.
    11-14-2011 10:54 AM
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    Don't harrash the new user Se1fcr3ation lol. His problems are minor things that thankfully he will resolve thanks to my sexy advice.
    11-14-2011 11:01 AM
  21. selfcreation's Avatar
    Don't harrash the new user Se1fcr3ation lol. His problems are minor things that thankfully he will resolve thanks to my sexy advice.

    lol , i dint mean to harrash , might have came out wrong :P lol ;) my bad
    11-14-2011 11:23 AM
  22. wprealm's Avatar
    Yeah I do have the OS, and am giving it a chance. I am not going to return the phone because I can't take screen shots lol. I just was pointing things out I thought were strange. I like the maps app, I just wasn't sure how to use it obviously. not sure why a few people in here really think I want to go back to iPhone. Re read my post, I want to get away from anything apple, and that is why I spent 500 dollars on this phone, and did not listen to a sales rep, just told them what I wanted and bought it.

    as far as the speaker on the back, I never knew most phones had this. The iPhone didn't and I know the new Nokia lumia has a speaker on the bottom of the phone, and not on the back. How are you disagreeing that putting a speaker on the back of the phone is a bad idea? Lol.

    Once again, I think iPhones are corny, everyone has one, and the OS looks fisher price like.. That is why I wanted to get rid of it. I do not want to switch back. I was just complaining about the maps (since resolved), the internet browser not having a jump to top of page gesture (not the end of the world), not being able to take screen shots (I still find this really strange and much needed), and... Well I can't remember what else I was complaining about so it must not have been an issue. I like this os a heck of a lot better than ios!!!!
    11-14-2011 12:15 PM
  23. selfcreation's Avatar
    as far as the speaker on the back, I never knew most phones had this. The iPhone didn't and I know the new Nokia lumia has a speaker on the bottom of the phone, and not on the back. How are you disagreeing that putting a speaker on the back of the phone is a bad idea? Lol.

    Once again, I think iPhones are corny, everyone has one, and the OS looks fisher price like.. That is why I wanted to get rid of it. I do not want to switch back. I was just complaining about the maps (since resolved), the internet browser not having a jump to top of page gesture (not the end of the world), not being able to take screen shots (I still find this really strange and much needed), and... Well I can't remember what else I was complaining about so it must not have been an issue. I like this os a heck of a lot better than ios!!!!
    PS I never said to stick with Iphone I actually think wp7 will be better for you once you had does issues fixed.

    what you mean: ** not being able to take screen shots (I still find this really strange and much needed) **

    you CAN take screen shots with WP... or are you talking about Iphone??

    and NO i dont find the speaker in the back to be a bad thing.... you say why i think its not bad... i say *why do YOU think its bad? exactly...turn your phone over screen down... what wrong with that? the screen doesnt actually touch anything (like the Iphone does ) because of the bezel edges protecting the glass by about 2mm

    One thing i like about it ( maybe no one realized this ) but when i put my phone in my pocket i ALWAYS put it with my screen facing my lap. (inside ) so that way when i lean on a desk it doesnt break my screen like ive seen other people do 10000million times,
    and by putting my phone like this the speaker is pointing OUT witch allows me to hear my phone ring better. ( in clubs and such , cause the vibration just feels like the base line of the songs. LOL )

    and honestly if your one of does ANNOYING kids that blast music on the subway ..then screw you. LOL ;) j/k i hate does kids. after 8hour day i dont feel like hearing 50cent rap about the B*** he f**** last weekend. lol ;)
    11-14-2011 02:41 PM
  24. wprealm's Avatar
    I am talking about screen shots on the windows device. You can take screen shots on iPhone by holding lock button and pressing the home button. I think you can take screen shots with WP.. But you need to " jailbreak". I don't even own a computer so I don't think I can jailbreak since I would assume you would need to hook it up to a computer.

    And no I do not play music out loud unless I am at home. I keep my phone on vibrate at all times and do not want anyone hearing that I have a cell phone. That's another thing, when you take out the headphones, the music plays out loud.. I don't like that. But wouldn't be a problem if the headphones worked and paused and changed songs like they are supposed to do. That way I could just pause before I unplug the headphones. I hate to keep comparing to iPhone but that is all I know since I used one for many years, and when you would unplug the headphones, the music would stop.

    Also I guess you might be right about putting screen face down, there might be a a bit of a space between the glass and edge... This isn't a wp problem obviously, just samsungs problem. I just hope Nokia comes out with a killer WP device for the north American market.

    How do I take a screen shot?
    11-14-2011 03:03 PM
  25. ashykat's Avatar
    Se1fcr3ation, the iPhone did have a bezel up until the iPhone 4, and there are other phones out there that don't have one, such as the Lumia 800. No bezel to be found there.
    11-14-2011 11:54 PM