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    Hello everyone,

    First post on here :) , since Friday 11.11.11 ( my birthday) I' the proud owner of the Titan got it as a gift from my lovely wife :D

    Any I seem to have figured my way around the OS and but have somequestions and not sure about how to go about it. So here are my questions:

    1. How do you go forward in the browser? I know if u you press back you go back but what happens if I want to go forwards?

    2. I noticed when somebody sends me a message on Kik or whatsapp then i don't get any indicator on the look screen. Is it an app issue or setting? Or is it an OS limitation?

    3. I want to out this large beautiful screen to good use, and would like to convert some movies to optimal size/codec what are they and what's the best app considering I'm using a Mac.

    Thanks in advanced and sorry for the noob questions :)
    11-15-2011 01:30 PM
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    :D:D:D welcome to WPCentral :D:D:D

    1. i dont think you can go forward: My work around , hit the 3 dots at bottom and go to *RECENT* you will be able to see the page you where at ...

    2. im pretty sure on the wallpaper(lock screen) you dont or cant see APP updates . just like it doesnt tell you that you have 3 possible updates in the marketplace (on the wallpaper). this is something that COULD be added at later times(maybe appollo or tango). it be a GREAT suggestion : Customer Feedback for Windows Phone

    3. not sure for the Codec but the screen resolution i think is this:
    480 x 800pixels,(~199 ppi pixel density)

    and to sync , your gona need to get: Windows Phone 7 connector for Mac ( Windows Phone 7 & Mac | Mac Sync Software | Sync Files | Windows Phone 7 )

    also check out my signature for more useful info :)
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    11-15-2011 01:48 PM
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    Congrats and welcome to the family!
    11-15-2011 10:05 PM