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    I read a post somewhere about someone who was not able to order a HTC Titan through Amazon because they don't work with business plans such as AT&T Premier. I found myself in the exact same position, as I also tried to order a Titan from Amazon and was unable to do so for the same reason. I found a workaround, which I confirmed would work via phone call with both Amazon and AT&T.

    If you have an upgrade available on your Premier account, that means that number's contract has been fulfilled, and are being billed month-to-month. Thus, you can cancel it. So, if you sign up for a brand new individual account with Amazon (which gets you the phone for a $0.01 new activation fee instead of a $79 upgrade fee), you can then merge your new account to your business Premier account, cancel your old upgradeable number, and replace it with your new Amazon-sourced number. Then, you can simply use your new Titan with whichever SIM you choose. The only downside to this is, of course, that the number you can upgrade will be lost, and replaced with your new Amazon number. In my case, that phone is the one my delivery driver uses, so it's no big deal if it changes.

    I first called my local AT&T store to ask if this was possible and the guy there said it wouldn't work, but I didn't believe him. I then called Amazon, and they said they had no problem with it, but AT&T might. I then called AT&T Premier, and they said it was cool. So there you have it, a loophole found. I for one will wait for Saturday the 26th to try to upgrade through AT&T, but if there are any problems, it's good to know that there's the Amazon alternative, whose special runs until the 28th.
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    11-22-2011 05:21 PM