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    All the U.S. Cdma carriers were late with the first wave of wp7 devices. I'm with Verizon and we didn't get the HTC Trophy until June. Sprint got HTC arrive a couple month earlier but by the time those devices were released in the U.S. they were already year old devices.

    So 6 months later GSM is getting the roll out of the mango phones with front facing cameras and those of us with cdma arrives and trophies are looking with no signs of a cdma wp7 with a ff cam in sight. What gives?

    How come HTC and Samsung aren't making cdma variants of their phones they give carriers and bringing them to cdma carriers? Like how they brought variants of the HTC touch pro 2 and the HTC evo to all the carriers?

    Anyone else getting angry with the lackluster cdma support? Why aren't they launching more phones than just the ones that seemingly come out annually?

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    11-28-2011 12:49 AM
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    Verizon probably doesnt want any more 3G smartphones. Just a guess.
    11-28-2011 01:33 AM
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    The Arrive actually came in March. It was definitely after the first round of first gen phones but not super late to the party like the Trophy.

    I am not sure it has to do with CDMA as much as it has to do with carrier. I think it's just coincidence.
    11-28-2011 03:26 AM
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    I wouldn't have said this until experiencing, but I do wonder if it could -in part- be CDMA.

    I can tell you from experience (mine and several others on WPCentral) that the global feature of the Trophy is fatally flawed. It works overseas, however upon return to the US, the data connection is gone and can only be recovered by resetting the phone. Yes, there are Thi Gs that should work to solve this: without enumerating all of them here, they don't work

    Together, several of us on this forum have gone to Verizon, MS, HTC and have learned from each other, with some very persistent and generous folks (thank you!!) taking the time to generously recount those experiences here.

    I am neither a developer or a tech (geek definitely yes) so
    my theories are just that ..but I do wonder about the compatability of CDMA phones with the rest of the GSM world... specifically the compatibility of *this* CDMA phone with the rest of the GSM world.

    We all know that the number of Trophy users on VZW is miniscule relative to iOs and Android. The fraction of us who have actually tried to use them as global phones is smaller still. They (HTC) know of the issue and have said they are working on a fix.

    All this is a convoluted way express my agreement with the OP. Definitely frustrating, and with no WP7 option on Verizon, and with other carriers newly released Windows phones in sale for a penny, well... they might start to lose those who are sick of waiting, with so little promise of any interest by VZW in supporting the platform.

    I will give a big shout out to the Verizon support techs and the staff in corporate store near me. They have been great. Tjey want to help, have tried to help, have commiserated with me. They simply have no tools to use in this case, except to sympathize. They represent well Verizon's efforts to improve customer service. In this case the effort and the thought DO count, because it's all they've got!
    11-28-2011 06:56 AM
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    CDMA phones cost more to make.
    CDMA is a dyeing technologies ( like analog )
    OEMS dont make as much profit off CDMA
    CDMA support sucks.

    NOKIA had completely DROPED *BELL* a phew years back cause they dint want to make any more CDMA phones...we only got Nokia`s back once BELL opened HSPA.

    seems same thing is happening with WP...

    but dont feel bad . CANADA got COMPLETLY left out of FFC Mango WP. not just one carrier.. all 5 we have dint get a new WP.
    11-28-2011 08:10 AM
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    Worldwide, 81% of users are GSM users

    Everyone is changing to LTE anyways.

    Part of what CDMA did in the U.S. was help generate sales and locked people into a carrier. You couldn't take a CDMA phone from one carrier to another, you had to buy their CDMA phone. Most people don't know, but in Asia, China for example, CDMA phones came with a SIM type CDMA card so you could switch CDMA carriers.

    We have Cricket stores popping up all over Chicago. They use the Sprint CDMA network, but they will take any CDMA phone and flash it to work on their network.
    11-28-2011 08:55 AM