1. martin_strahilovski's Avatar
    I've noticed that some of the operators like AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone UK and etc. have bring Internet sharing to their users. I am asking if someone know, will this option be available for the open market phones like The Vodafone Group? Thanks in advance :)
    11-29-2011 02:30 PM
  2. bitslave's Avatar
    Microsoft have already bought Internet tethering to Windows Phone with the Mango release
    it's up to the handset manufacturers and last but not least, the Telcos/Service Providers.
    11-29-2011 05:39 PM
  3. jfa1's Avatar
    ATT has not to my knowledge rolled out the 7740 update to allow internet sharing eyc on my focus they have said they would several months ago but it has not happened yet!
    11-29-2011 05:46 PM
  4. TaliZorah's Avatar
    As of a week and a half ago Sprit had not added internet sharing to the Arrive. That or they hadn't approved the HTC update that was supposed to go to first gen phones that added the feature.

    Sprint really hasn't done much with Windows Phone or the Arrive firmware except the mandatory stuff (NoDo, Mango). It was pretty obvious to me that they weren't going to support WP very much so thats why I switched to T-Mobile (Radar) which has internet sharing and visual voicemail.
    11-29-2011 05:52 PM