12-13-2011 07:22 PM
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  1. Forgewizard's Avatar
    I'm VERY happy with the design of the Arrive, never want to move away from a hard keyboard. But If I were to design some improvements for this device I would:

    Make the volume +,- button smaller and closer to the top corner of the phone. This button is just too big and is in exactly the wrong place. Whether I hold the device in landscape or portfolio - I am always bumping the volume!

    Hot Swappable Micro SD card slot accessible from the side of the device. Would support up to 64 GB.

    32 GB or 64 GB on device memory.

    I have a front facing camera on my netbook and my laptop and don't use either one - so front facing camera is negligible to me. Maybe it could be a secondary optional device in the same family?

    HDMI out might be cool - if I had an HDMI TV.

    Definitely would like to use the device as a USB drive - but that's likely more in the software realm than hardware.

    Keep the camera button as is.

    Change the capacitive buttons to hard buttons. These are a pain, too sensitive to my hand proximity. They make me hold on to the very edges of the device and that is risky.

    Add a bit larger battery - not that's I've run out yet, but I find I still use airplane mode in order to avoid running out of battery while at work. A larger battery would let me stay in touch even though signal reception at work wavers.

    I am happy with the screen size and resolution.
    12-11-2011 11:39 PM
  2. Judge_Daniel's Avatar
    This'll be fun. :)

    - Available on Verizon Wireless
    - 16GB or more
    - SAMOLED+ or SLCD
    - FFC -- I actually tried to Tango with my gf the other day on my Focus and it was just sad. I held my phone up to a mirror. :P
    - NFC-capable (doesn't have to be active atm)
    - 8mp camera with great low-light picture quality
    - anywhere from 4.3-4.7''.
    - it wouldn't feel cheap, like many of Samsung's phones, but I'm not sure what makes them that way
    - Capacitive stylus (a guy can dream, can't he?)
    - actual buttons for back, home, and search
    - hdmi-out

    What I'd settle for:

    - Available on Verizon Wireless
    - SAMOLED+ or SLCD
    - 16GB+
    - Any camera better than the one on the Trophy
    12-12-2011 12:50 AM
  3. Pronk's Avatar
    * 4.0-4.1 inch screen - larger becomes unusable/uncomfortable for one handed use and/or you have to sacrifice too much pixel density.
    * Higher resolution than 480 x 800 - something approaching (or exceeding) retina display density
    * 8MP backlit sensor camera with f2.2 lens and great software to back it up
    * Non-pentile SAMOLED+ display
    * Something like the design of the Lumia 800 - doesn't have to be identical, but has to have some individuality to it. Not just another black rectangle that looks like they skimped on build materials (Samsung) or just retooled the half metal, half plastic design again (HTC)
    * noise cancelling second mic
    * phone must have an equalizer to adjust bass/treble for music (why, Nokia? Why have a great music app and NO EQUALIZER???)
    * dual core for a relative level of future-proofing and to give the phone the horsepower to do things such as screen mirroring
    * absolute MINIMUM 1800 mAh battery

    And for the OS:
    * some form of notification centre
    * more accent colours - ideally custom, but failing that, just more of them
    * shortcut toggles on start screen
    * info section to show how much data a live tile uses so you can make a decision as to whether you want to use it or not

    And the only other thing I'd like is for MS to properly open up the OS so devs can take full advantage of the platform and we can have some games that don't look like 2-year-old iPhone ports. I have a brand new, top-end smartphone for this format. I want to be playing the equivalent of Infinity Blade 2, not the millionth reworking of Doodle Jump.
    12-12-2011 03:44 AM
  4. caliborn's Avatar
    The DVP slightly lighter, with a the Nokia N8 camera, 32 gig internal memory and gapless playback.
    What he said plus a CDMA radio(Sprint)
    12-12-2011 08:50 AM
  5. boss.king's Avatar
    Basically the Titan, but with a 720p screen, 32gigs of storage, updated internals (dual core CPU and possibly a bit more RAM), and if there's still time throw in a bigger battery for good measure.

    As for the OS, maybe a notification centre when you swipe left on the homescreen.
    12-12-2011 05:04 PM
  6. Major's Avatar
    4.5" non-Pentile SAMOLED with HD resolution
    32GB+ storage
    1.5GHz+ dual core processor
    minimum 24 hr battery
    customizable keyboard or hardware keyboard with a slim and light body
    best possible antenna
    customizable camera button
    12-12-2011 05:32 PM
  7. DontHate707's Avatar
    hardware made by ms themselves in collaboration with nokia
    retina type display on a 4 inch or bigger screen made from gorilla glass
    a great designed phone maybe metal and that platic used on the lumina 800 that doesn't feel cheep
    a amazing back camera and a good ffc
    expandable memory
    1 gig of ram
    physical front buttons
    dual core or whatever the next technology will be
    lte on sprint
    amazing speakers and mics
    the biggest battery you can put in it
    all the sensors and compass gyroscopes
    notification light
    as for software
    better cloud storage
    smoother experience overall its smooth as **** but it isnt iphone smooth just yet
    more refined search
    better notifications
    more function in native apps
    like picture editing
    better navigation with more info given about each location
    social integration with more function then apps like for instance the ability to see whos liked individual posts on fb just little things like that, and a place where you can see messages not just IMs
    better app managing
    better multitasking
    ability to send videos
    in messenger app ability to use yahoo/hotmail/gmail IM not just fb

    there alot more lol ill add on if i have time
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    12-12-2011 06:55 PM
  8. Rodolfo#WP's Avatar
    I'd like a phone as wide as my Samsung Focus, but as short and thin as my Zune HD, with 64GB of built-in memory, Zune music-video capability, and DLNA or the like so I could beam the videos to my TV. And it would have to work as well as my Focus. Thanks for asking. ;)
    12-12-2011 07:47 PM
  9. cyrus_the_great's Avatar
    HTC Titan without the bugs and antenna issues.
    agree,good point;)
    12-13-2011 05:54 AM
  10. Wiccan Lagar's Avatar
    What he said plus a CDMA radio(Sprint)
    And just like the others, awesome battery life and WebOS card multitasking. I still kinda miss WebOS. Holds a special place in my heart.

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    12-13-2011 06:28 AM
  11. jfa1's Avatar
    I think that I would like a device like the Nokia 900 with 32GB or even 64 GB (even though I dont need it and may never use it it all its just being able to have it. Thin like the focus S I think the 4.3 inch screen is about ideal although 4.7 is not tooo big but I would like to see higher res and ppi for a larger screen like that. 8MP camera with excellent picture quality and 2MP or so FFC. I think it would be interesting to have a device with LTE bands for sprint VZN TMo and ATT and european asian GSM.
    12-13-2011 11:21 AM
  12. Kahuna Cowboy's Avatar
    Okay, Lumia 900. Have the official specs been announced, or are you all just pie in sky hopes it does not let down spec wise like the 800 did?
    12-13-2011 01:20 PM
  13. nomoore's Avatar
    Well I REALLY like the styling and form factor of my white Radar 4G so take it and change the following:

    3.8" Super AMOLED screen (great size for one handed operation)
    32GB internal memory
    1.5GHz processor
    12-13-2011 02:23 PM
  14. 25toLife's Avatar
    Composed of Unibody Aluminum
    Hardware Camera Button W/Focus

    1.5 GHz Dual Core processor
    256 kB (128 kB I/128 kB D) L1 cache (8-way associative), 1MB on-die L2 cache (2-way associative)[14]
    1 GB Ram (Unified, but 256MB reserved during graphic intense apps)

    Micro USB [3.0]
    Micro HDMI
    Micro Thunderbolt
    Audio Aux In/Out
    Noise Cancelling Microphone

    Bluetooth 4.0
    Wi-Fi B/G/N
    LTE 700/1400/2100 MHz
    GSM 850/900/1800/1900/2100
    CDMA 800/1900 MHz

    Rear 8MP camera
    Panoramic Mode
    1080p recording
    Video Stabilization

    Front 2MP camera
    480p video recording
    Video Stabilization

    32 GB internal

    16*9 ratio
    1600*960 resolution
    OLED Display

    Three-axis gyro
    Proximity sensor
    Ambient light sensor

    Form Factor:
    Dual Sliding:
    Slide Landscape: Xbox Game Pad
    Slide Portrait: QWERTY Keyboard

    And it would come in 6 Colors:
    Black, Silver, White, Red, Orange, Blue

    USe touchscreen as trackpad when outputting thru HDMI or thunderbolt.

    Who should I email this to?
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    12-13-2011 07:22 PM
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