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    I know this is being talked about to death, but lets get our history straight here:

    - MS has had Office content on Macs for years.
    - MS has released several exclusive properties onto Nintendo platforms.
    - MS bailed Apple out when they needed it most.
    - Don't forget iTunes is not Mac exclusive.

    So you know what? Everyone needs to stop worrying. MS has been at this game for tens of years. They know it better than we do. They've shared their wealth before and come out just fine. Even if this IS a mistake, they have more than enough money to learn from it and survive. Sony has made expensive mistakes many times, and they are still here today, and still provide some fairly great products.

    But none of this bothers me. I could care less that MS is offering their services on products that aren't their own. Nope. What REALLY bothers me is the whiners! Come ON people! You know what it sounds like when you say things like "Well I guess I may as well move to an Apple now", or "Microsoft has no chance if they share exclusives!"? It sounds like YOU'VE GIVEN UP. All comments like that do is admit to insecurity, dissatisfaction, or a failing belief in MS's mobile platform.

    Where are the people with a positive outlook on this? So few have said anything like "Well, even if this isn't the right move I still believe people will buy WP7 because it's a great OS". I can't believe that in a WP7 forum so few of you would find this to be a either a good thing or a negligible thing. It's actually somewhat upsetting.

    Just think about this for second... Despite the massive negative feedback and stock drop, that came from the iPhone4S announcement, Apple is set to pull off their greatest sales EVER this quarter. That's with a phone that isn't anything more than a mimic with a processor upgrade which was hated upon it's announcement. So I'm really hoping that's all that's going on here: The whiners are being so loud that the people who still love WP7 simply can't be heard, or bothered to reply to such idiocy.

    And let's be honest: in terms of games, this isn't really a competition yet. Competition implies that both forces have a chance of winning. But right now, at least, WP7 doesn't have a chance in **** at winning where their games are concerned. Android and Apple are stomping the living **** out of WP7 in that market, and their phones have vastly superior graphics tech. The only plus WP7 has going for it is Live connectivity... And that is a very small positive. Exactly how many cellphone users out there care about earning achievements on their phones? ****, how many people care about earning achievements when they own an Xbox? Yeah... Exactly. Losing Kinectimals as a phone exclusive can't hurt MS any more than it is already hurting. It's one game out of several, and it's not even their best game. Not to mention there are better pet sims out there already (take a look at Pocket Creatures).

    tl;dr You're all making way too much of a fuss out of such a small thing, and all it's doing is hurting the morale of everyone who actually still has faith in the platform. You have to question how people really feel about something when they read news like this and react so poorly, with little in the way of defense for their chosen phone. Have faith in MS. Only a single year has gone by. It took the PS3 two years to even begin making ground. WP7 still has time to make good on its promise.
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    12-14-2011 01:07 AM
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    Also, one quick note, Xbox LIVE on the iPhone should have happened ages ago. It's a very positive thing. Apple has no console platform, so MS may as well spread the ability to access your LIVE profile as much as possible. It hardly hurts their phone platform (which still holds the exclusive on achievements), and it has the additional bonus of making me a loyal, happy console user. If they can't win me over on the phone front, at least they can win me over on the console front and still find a way for me to be utilizing their services. This at least makes it more likely that I will continue to make them money in the console market, seeing as MS offers more versatile gaming options than Sony.
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    Yeah, I agree with a lot of what you said. I just don't understand why people even seem to care what apps are on other phones. If you have a Windows Phone, and you like the apps on it, why do you care if the same app is on Android or iPhone or Blackberry? It's not like Microsoft is going to suddenly go "let's abandon the Windows Phone platform altogether" - they're obviously trying to position themselves as the "cool alternative" to people who don't want an Apple product but are terrified of what Android has become. They've invested too much time and money into this platform already - if anything, releasing apps on other operating systems is just their way of enticing people to make the switch.

    I just don't get why people get so worked up over "exclusives". I wish more iPhone "exclusives" would make their way over to Windows Phone.
    12-15-2011 09:34 AM