1. Neibl's Avatar
    Basically will the remote on this headphone work with my phone? I have read no, but nothing that is fully convincing.

    If these do no work, what are the best quality in ear buds for windows phone with compatible remote?
    12-26-2011 11:26 PM
  2. mad_marty's Avatar
    Did somebody try this out already? I'm very interested in this, too.
    01-24-2013 07:52 PM
  3. JamzKroll's Avatar
    I have the S4i Rugged. Basically the Play button works, this meaning Play/Pause, Next (2 presses), Previous (3 presses), Voice Commands (Hold, need to enable in settings). The volume buttons don't work. I heard the remote on the Purity HD works, this is because of something to do with the remote, I had a tutorial on how to mod them for android, if you want I can pull it up, but no guarantee it'd work on Windows Phone.
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    01-27-2013 04:47 PM