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    I've got a big mess going on in my Zune software on my Titan. I subscribe to podcasts over the air, and the problem started when some (not sure which) podcast download hung up and I ended up with a backlog of about 42 'pending' podcast downloads. Eventually I tried unsubscribing to all and just syncing to my computer instead but that's not fixing everything: (1) I've still got 9 'pending' downloads I can't get rid of, (2) there are certain old podcasts that I can't delete.

    Unless someone has run into this and has a solution, I'm going to try removing ALL of my zune content, including music, and if that doesn't work, I'm going to give it a couple weeks and then a hard reset (boooo).

    Edit: All better! I went into the Zune software on my computer and selected "remove all content". I was pleasantly surprised that after everything was removed, it re-added my previously selected music picks. Not sure why it automatically did that but I was happy it did. Bottom line is that for now I'm sticking with podcasts via syncing for the most part and I'll use something like Bringcast to download podcasts over the air if I'm away from my computer.
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    I'm having issues with old podcasts as well.
    I initially subscribed to a few on my PC Zune and manually synced the episodes I was at on each one. Later when checking them on my phone, I noticed the subscribe button and subscribed to the podcasts on the phone. It immediately downloaded MONTHS prior podcasts. First I tried setting each old one to 'read' and then deleting it. After working back up to current podcast and thinking I was done, it started over. I then removed all podcasts subscriptions from the PC and the phone and resubscribed just on the phone. Again with the months old episodes. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and went through setting each one to ‘read’ and deleting it. That was yesterday. I am now looking at my phone with another billion podcasts waiting to download from months ago.
    I’m at my wits end. I WANT to use Zune. It’s there. It’s in the ‘ecosystem’. It just feels right. But it’s driving me insane!

    **Update - After playing with it. I realize that rather than download the most recent x number of podcasts and then playing them in the order you choose (from newest to oldest or the reverse), it uses applies your playing order preference to downloading as well. If you chose to play from oldest to newest, it downloads the oldest podcasts in the series and works forward. I just don’t get why it keeps starting over after I work back up to the current episode.

    ****Update 2 - Ok..The podcast settings work as I expect on the PC Zune software. It downloads x number of the most recent podacsts (I choose 5) and then reads them in the order of your preference (I chose oldest to newest). Then when syncing them to the phone it does the same. Although I can still manually download new episodes on the phone, I still have to get the action I want by syncing with the pc. Hopefully, the phone Zune behavior will be modified at some point.
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    Zune 4.8 will not install on my PC, so I cannot update my phone. I have contacted Microsoft, several times but hey cannot help. Can anyone ? I have tried the fix software but no joy as well.
    02-04-2012 01:01 PM
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    Did any of you get a message, "Zune cannot connect your device to the internet"? I am assuming I will not be able to update my Focus S without this ability. Zune itself connects just fine.
    02-04-2012 03:50 PM
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    I'm having issues with Zune at the moment. For some unknown reason it has duplicated nearly all of my music and is attempting to add it all again when I sync. :( It's managed to squeeze on a load of duplicate files, but it was only due to the lack of space that I was aware this problem had occurred.
    02-04-2012 04:30 PM