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    Hello Guys,

    Decided and purchased a new Samsung Omnia W last night. I had an option of upgrading my 4 to 4S for about the same money but decided to keep the Iphone 4 and also get a WP7.5 Mango device. I use the apple because there are some important work related apps which I'm hooked onto. I was a sworn hater of Apple and never wanted to use the iPhone. But I got on it and got used in a couple of months and I must say its their best product. The Mac OS sucks..everything except the iPhone and their app store suck. I'm a big big fan of Microsoft and Bill Gates. I'm using the Mango phone for my work. I've used it for only less than 12 hours and already have many questions!. They are :

    1. Is local search available? How do I search the whole phone?
    2. Can 3G be disabled and edge be enabled?
    3. How do I reset the tiles to defaults? I've moved some of them and made a mess.
    4. Will I be able to upgrade to Windows 8 whenever it releases?

    Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    01-11-2012 11:43 PM