1. tparekh's Avatar
    I am trying to access my company's internal Wi-Fi which only allows for certificate based authentication. I emailed my certificate (With my private keys) to myself and installed the certificate on the Windows phone (running Mango).

    How can I make it work on a Windows phone? The certificate did install successfully, but I could not find a place to see the installed certificates or use them for a WiFi hotspot.

    02-07-2012 01:21 PM
  2. VictorE#AC's Avatar
    I am also having a similar problem. Were you able to resolve this issue?
    05-23-2012 03:01 PM
  3. cluberti's Avatar
    WP7 currently does not support wireless networks that use certificates for authentication. Don't know if it will show up in WP8 or not, of course, but you aren't going to get it to work with a 7.x device.
    05-23-2012 09:26 PM
  4. rdubmu's Avatar
    For my work, It actually opens up IE on my phone with the login automatically.
    05-23-2012 10:00 PM