1. speedtouch's Avatar
    I have been testing a cheap HD7 I picked up from a webOS developer for the past couple of weeks. I have found the HD7 is a lot slower when compared to my wife's Lumia 710, battery life is horrific (have this battery on the way: Anker 1300mAh Battery ), and the touch screen frequently doesn't register my taps unless I press it a little more and a little longer. But WP7 is good. It'll be nice to finally be rid of Android. As a UN-designated webOS Refugee, I have yet to find a comparable mobile OS that I like. WP7 is the closest to "like" I can get.

    I just called T-Mobile a few minutes ago to port my number from Sprint. Here we go! I will upgrade this phone sometime...I am just waiting to see if T-Mo gets anything other than the Lumia 710 and the Radar. I really want something with a 4.3" screen.
    02-17-2012 09:37 AM