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03-04-2012 04:36 PM
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  1. N8ter's Avatar
    Do as you please, N8ter. I really don't read too much into your posts as it's clear you're a naysayer. I only reacted to this because (before you edited your post), I thought you had overstepped the mark by accusing Dave of 'trolling', when he has defending you on numerous occasions by highlighting that we don't use that term on this forum.
    Please quote me anywhere "naysaying." Or are you just trying to use a cute word?

    Telling someone (via a rhetorical question) they may be the issue when the issues stated are well known and documented by various others on Microsoft's own forums would seem like a trollish comment to anyone. What's wrong with calling it like you see it? No one holds back in their responses to me, last I checked, and I've never complained about it... Ever.

    That word is used in full force on this forum, and circumventing the word filter is par from the course here. I read a lot more than I post. It's all over here... Not sure what else to say on that... I edited only to soften the tone, not because I thought I was wrong in what I percieved of that comment in his post.

    I'd say that the Lumias selling out across multiple networks in Europe is magnificent.
    I tend to take numbers more seriously than opinions.

    Sold less in Q4 2011 even though the OS wasn't even in half the countries it's in now for half of Q4 2010. Yes, sales may be growing. But they're still weak. The Smartphone market is growing almost exclusively due to Apple and Google devices/OSes.

    The iPhone 3GS outsold every single WP7 and Android device model in the US even though it's only one one carrier and it has hardware comparable to older blackberries. There are a ton of Free on Contract even higher end Androids right now (at least with HW comparable to WPs) and obviously WPs are free on contract now.

    The fact that WP will just dominate if we "give it time" is wishful thinking at best. Microsoft has to try harder. The pace they're going at currently is not enough for them to reclaim their lost (rather respectable) marketshare. Competitors move, too.
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    02-25-2012 08:02 AM
  2. Dave Blake's Avatar
    The definition of tr.v.naysaid (-sd), naysaying, naysays (-sz)
    To oppose, deny, or take a pessimistic or negative view of


    Microsoft added the WIFI timeout as a battery saving feature. I think they use it as a selling point to carriers as a way to keep us on the network using data. But that's just my opinion ether way its still a feature of this OS and will be liked by some and not by others.

    When I have more time we will continue the WP sales debate in this N8ter we don't see eye to eye there are stats for both arguments. Better sales are better you will never find the likes of Ballmer being satisfied with what is so don't read to much in to it.
    02-25-2012 09:00 AM
  3. borjeboy's Avatar
    if you just look at that sheet it seems true.

    But something big happened in early this year (late 2011 in 6 European countries). And that was that Nokias lumia phones came out, and in those 6 countries that had it first Nokia managed to sell 1 million phones in a little more then a month, and that was just of the Lumia 800. And Nokia have already become the biggest WP7 brand in Europe.

    And i think Lumia 710 will sell very well to, it cheaper and has almost the same hardware.

    It will be interesting to see a sheet like that from Q1 of 2012 im pretty sure a lot has changed... Atleast in Europe.
    02-25-2012 10:25 AM
  4. paulm187's Avatar
    Yay! We beat Other, take that Other ;-)
    02-25-2012 05:44 PM
  5. Odeira.Oloap's Avatar
    I Must Say.

    The recent Huccus Puccus that is with iOS's and Android's App Permissions / Data Collection has made it MUCH easier to recommend a Windows Phone to a smartphone Noob.

    This holds true here in the Philippines, where many of us value our privacy (I'm sure other countries' peoples value it too.)

    But, really.

    The problem here lies with our general OVER-EMPHASIZING OF NUMBERS.

    We used to buy our phones just to send and receive calls and SMS's. Also, the design.

    The iPhone came in, and it did change our thought process with our phones (that we can do things on our phones without using around a hundred buttons.)

    And then the Androids came in. They marketed their phones as being "faster than anything you have seen before."

    And so it began. The SPEC WARS.

    NOW, we don't want to buy something that has a *mediocre* 1-1.5 GHZ single-core processor; *poor* WVGA screens; has *only* 70,000 apps, plus or minus; no NFC; *only* 720P video recording; ba-blah, ba-blah, ba-blah...

    I call Bullthis on that.

    Good thing that when my friends see my Windows Phone start screen, their eyes are glued to what fancy effects and/or nice tricks in its sleeve my Windows Phone will do.

    I generally recommend to people who'll buy a Smartphone, especially the Noobs, who almost always buy their phones out of their specsheets, to just try out any Windows Phone they will encounter first, then they compare whatever phone they want to buy *originally*, and tell to me what they want.

    Or they have me tag along their next smartphone purchase.

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    03-04-2012 08:02 AM
  6. blehblehbleh's Avatar
    All this talk of numbers...

    Reminds of some post I read on another forum where the general idea was how can a person say there's no growth when just, what, two years ago they were at 0%?

    I thought about that and that's fairly true. Coming from the bottom and going into a market that has high saturation from two large competitors...Can anyone really say this growth isn't successful? Growth is growth, just like a W is a W.

    It may not be moving as fast, but likewise that doesn't mean it won't gain speed in the future. These numbers are just measurements of past events. Yes, they can be used to rely on potential future outcomes but that's not enough to rule it as dispositive. Plus, how can one say the growth is horrible when they might not even have the entire overall picture of market forces, consumer opinion, etc that could tip things in one direction or the next.

    But leave it to somebody to think they're all "awesome"
    03-04-2012 12:07 PM
  7. Big Supes's Avatar
    Some good points, bleh. :)

    Personally, I won't argue numbers with someone who generally isn't worth my time. This debate is on ice. I'll dig it up this time next year. ;)
    03-04-2012 04:36 PM
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