1. BellPego's Avatar
    Since yesterday or 2 day ago I can't download from marktplace everything gives an error saying can't connect to marktplace right now...

    Only after loads of retrys the app downloads... Any one else as this issue...?

    02-24-2012 08:00 AM
  2. svtfmook's Avatar
    i got it too. keeps saying market is down.
    02-24-2012 08:20 AM
  3. jleebiker's Avatar
    I downloaded an app this morning directly from the phone, not via the web Marketplace. I downloaded it about 5:30am MST.
    02-24-2012 12:14 PM
  4. Mio_Ray's Avatar
    I had a small outage an hour ago, but it worked again 10 minutes ago.

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    02-24-2012 12:34 PM
  5. msmusicmaker's Avatar
    I had this issue practically all day yesterday but it is working now

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    02-24-2012 12:49 PM
  6. Diamondx_8's Avatar
    I experienced this yesterday when trying to purchase Splinter Cell. Took the whole day to download it and I had to sit and nurse it along with multiple restarts.
    02-24-2012 11:16 PM