1. anon(5336707)'s Avatar
    Is it possible to disable the landscape mode in WP?
    02-28-2012 09:12 AM
  2. bear_lx's Avatar
    there is no landscape mode? unless you are viewing videos or playing games, in which case no there is no way to disbale that... where are you in landscape mode and want to disable it?
    02-28-2012 09:14 AM
  3. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    Not in the OS amagab, turning off landscape mode is just available in some apps, but not all.
    02-28-2012 09:14 AM
  4. anon(5336707)'s Avatar
    Yes, it appears landscape mode works in email, browser, etc.
    02-28-2012 09:16 AM
  5. anon(5336707)'s Avatar
    Anyone know if there is an app that can achieve this?
    03-02-2012 09:13 AM
  6. bigkevbosky's Avatar
    If you have developer/interop unlock you can download a custom built xap that will do what you want.

    Orientation Lock Update - Windows Phone Hacker
    03-02-2012 10:20 AM