1. cpt_hero's Avatar
    Hi, I just got my new WP7 (htc titan) and I need a little help. I tried searching online for the answers but to no prevail.

    When I'm at home my phone is connected to the internet via my pc using zune and the usb cable. However I can not install applications. How can I do that?

    I went through the zune app, selected a bunch of apps and clicked install but nothing happened. Under phone - summary I see no pending updates.

    On my phone when I connect to the marketplace it says "sync complete, to view content please disconnect your phone from your computer". That seems like a bad idea seeing how I get my network connection through my pc and I don't have wi-fi. When I take its advice and disconnect the phone I can enter the marketplace but obviously it says it needs and internet connection.

    Is there a solution to this?
    03-03-2012 06:26 AM
  2. jfa1's Avatar
    You can use your cellular data plan to download apps and music. But some programs are too big and the device will say you need to use wifi. Can you not set up a wireless network on your computer?
    03-03-2012 01:52 PM