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    Nokia: We still need a cheaper Windows Phone to complete with Android - Pocket-lint

    Sounds like Nokia is aiming to take on the <$150 Android phones with Windows Phone, that or they're thinking of pricing 610 lower than initially stated.

    I'm sure a lot of us are worried about Nokia racing WP to the bottom, but I'm beginning to think we'll see Nokia use the WP OS in a manner similar to their Asha phones.

    For example, we might see devices (next-gen Asha?) running the WP OS, but are "locked" to apps developed by Nokia, Microsoft and certain partners (global and local-oriented devs). This would include Drive, Maps, CNN, Facebook, SkyDrive, Office, Angry Birds, etc, as well as local-specific apps for education and stuff as we see with S40 today. Hardware quality would be similar, screens might be smaller than Lumia 610/710 but bigger than Asha-series? Might come with physical keyboards, maybe a scroller/thumb thing?

    So users of these phones won't have access to apps using background agents or the Marketplace catalogue. However, Nokia will probably just market these handsets as next-generation Asha phones for specific roles, e.g. social connectivity, 'common functionality' or to get lower-income consumers access to the basics we enjoy.
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    yeah I dont understand that mentality of not having CHEAP enough phones . lol

    here I was thinking current phones where gonna become the LOW END devices of WP because are current hardware is already *lacking* compare to other Smartphones.

    but i guess are low end hardware inst LOW end enough......
    the HD7 and LG optimums was already competing with cheap android phones.

    **** the HD7 was free on 1 year ( normally 3 years ) with a NORMAL plan ( not requiring the minimum 25$data option) ( same thing as low end Android )

    so Nokia comes out with a phone that has WORST specs and is more expensive . yet they say they want even cheaper phones. it sounds to me like NOKIA is again shooting them self int he foot!!!!!!

    Samsung focus , HD7 , Surround , LG optimums all have better spec but sell for cheaper then the NOKIA 610!


    not to mention its 250MB and cant run the top games. this make no sens to me business wise.
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    According to Google there are 850K Android activations a day, and they're not all Nexus phones and Galaxy IIs. That's too big of a market for Nokia to ignore, especially since they've been king of cheap phones for quite some time.
    03-05-2012 11:05 AM
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    According to Google there are 850K Android activations a day, and they're not all Nexus phones and Galaxy IIs. That's too big of a market for Nokia to ignore, especially since they've been king of cheap phones for quite some time.

    having more cheaper phones wont mean more sales! it still run WP! OS

    the HD7 here at bell sales for the SAME price as low end 250$ android phone, actually the HD7 sales for cheaper then the droids. ROLF!

    check it out:


    Low End Droid:

    we already have are low end WP , its called First Generation! lol , now they make phones that suck more then first gen and still think its not low enough!!

    if specs drop below the NOKIA 610 im losing faith in witch ever OEM that makes it.
    03-05-2012 11:16 AM
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    I see it a little differently.

    The Windows OS can split between Apollo and a lighter OS. Why split?

    Well think about the developing country consumers, many don't even have access to the proper WP marketplace yet, and if they're used to Asha, they probably don't have a sophisticated demand for apps either. Their app selection would consist of Facebook, Angry Birds, some news and sports apps, and beyond call/text, they'd need solid email and maybe Office functionality.

    Lets be frank, these people could mostly give a flowing cow about the apps we seem to want, they'll be happy with the core MS and Nokia choices such as Drive, Maps, SkyDrive, maybe even SKype. Of course, a special app store with locally developed apps could be there as well. Microsoft can also push specific updates for the browser, texting, email, etc.

    At least with the lighter WP OS split people will know what to expect from each type of device. The light WP would explicitly going be geared towards certain usage types, e.g. social connectivity and basic productivity (not enterprise level of course).

    The benefit? Well for Microsoft your eco-system will expand and maintain itself, especially in the mobile scene. You'll have access to a huge market segment in the developing world. Off-load app support duties for this light WP OS to Nokia who already has a basis in providing apps to this Asha-esque market.

    These markets, for the most part, won't feel numb about not having access to the full marketplace given that (a) their phones would be specific to their market segment, (b) they'll have a specific app store, and (c) going from what Asha offers to the quality OS of WP with Office, SkyDrive, maybe Skype, etc is a decent jump.

    Besides, don't we see this already with the Windows 8 'split' between Intel and ARM chips? The precedent from Microsoft's own end is kind of there.
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    big difference as well is that we get subsidized pricing (contract required) whereas the low end markets these phones will be in (we will never see them) that is the retail price.
    03-05-2012 11:56 AM