1. speedtouch's Avatar
    Recently I was selling four cell phones on eBay. I figured I'd pick up the eBay app for WP7 to help me manages these auctions while I'm on the go. I installed it, signed in, and was able to watch my auctions. Excellent. Then I got a question from a potential bidder and it all went to crap after that. Using the eBay app I opened and read the question. When I tapped respond it took me to, I guess, an in-app browser to log into the eBay website. I logged in and proceeded to tap out a reply to this questioner. When I tapped 'Send', eBay gave an error at the top of the browser that says something along the lines of me not having javascript enabled. The message would not send. I just kept getting that error.

    So I thought, well I'll just open IE itself and go into eBay and try it that way. Nope. I got logged in just fine, but when I went to My eBay and tapped on the questioner's message, IE would shift my view to the far left of My eBay and not open the message. Ever. I tried 10 different ways of getting to the message, I could never get it to open.

    Insanely frustrating. I had to wait until I got home about 10 hours later before I could actually reply to this person. Who knows if that person lost interest or not in that time. Come on eBay and MS, fix your app and your browser, respectively.
    03-07-2012 10:01 AM