1. Winterfang's Avatar

    Is that the Titan or the Focus S? Popular song nowadays but saw the video today for the first time.
    03-07-2012 06:08 PM
  2. selfcreation's Avatar
    looks to small to be a focus S no? that thing is HUGE

    looks like a SAMSUNG NOTE ruing WP OS . hehe

    it be fun to FINALLY see a marketing mess up go OUR way for once! hahaha
    03-07-2012 06:17 PM
  3. jleebiker's Avatar
    Holy crap that thing looks huge! Still, nice to see WP in more and more mainstream media.
    03-07-2012 11:27 PM
  4. paulm187's Avatar
    Throwing the phone is perhaps not a good advert for WP ;-)
    03-08-2012 06:34 AM
  5. hwalker84's Avatar
    Could be a Titan and the lady having midget hands???
    03-08-2012 09:47 AM
  6. enahs555's Avatar
    The phone being thrown is not a real phone, it is CGI.

    The phone she is using is either a Titan or Titan 2
    03-08-2012 10:46 AM
  7. RiseAgainst94's Avatar
    HTC Titan
    03-08-2012 04:54 PM
  8. Winterfang's Avatar
    I guess she was frustrated that there's no Pandora lol.
    Judge_Daniel likes this.
    03-08-2012 07:23 PM
  9. Judge_Daniel's Avatar
    I guess she was frustrated that there's no Pandora lol.
    I actually lol'ed! Good one!

    I'm calling product placement. I wonder if MS paid for the entire music video. It has 11mil views right now, so that's nice coverage, but I'm not sure how many people would realize that it is a Windows Phone.
    03-08-2012 07:33 PM