03-28-2012 08:20 AM
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    "The Titan is too big, especially with such a low screen resolution."

    Of all the problems the Titan has had, the low screen resolution ended up being a non-issue. You have to pinch-to-zoom to stupid levels for the screen res to become a problem, and the large screen pretty much prevents that.

    Also, the 4.7" Titan is really only a smidge bigger than my Focus S with the 4.3" and extremely comparable to the 900.

    Titan - H- 5.18", Width- 2.78", Thickness- .39", weight- 5.64 oz.
    900- H- 5.03", Width- 2.63", Thickness- .33", weight- 5.64 oz
    "S"- H- 4.96", Width- 2.63", Thickness- .33", weight- 3.90 oz

    So, if size is really a factor, and if you do not want a large heavy phone, neither the T2 or the 900 will be a good choice. If you like a little heft and girth in your device, than they both will work for you. The 4.7" screen is absorbed really well by the HTC design, which I think is outstanding.

    Really, it comes down to three things:

    1) Price- Advantage 900.
    2) Support- Advantage 900, but I bet HTC supports the T2 well. Just Nokia will support better.
    3) Perfromance- TBD.
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  2. mattpga's Avatar
    i'll be going for the 900 for my next phone. I have an HTC Mozart and too many (unfixed) bugs with it. I think as Nokia are bringing out the flagship WP7 devices and only WP7 you will get a more dedicated and reliable manufacturer.
    03-28-2012 05:35 AM
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    This is such a difficult decision for me. I really like the original Titan that I had it but I needed an lte phone. Titan II is the logical choice. However this Lumia 900 seems like it's going to be a really interesting device. I'm so up in the air about which 1 to choose. Go with the phone that I know and most likely has a better camera or going with Nokia, a proven brand over the past few years? I guess I need to play with them both and make a decision once I have them both in hand. Then again the price difference of 100 bucks really makes me lean towards the nokia 4 obvious reasons.
    03-28-2012 08:20 AM
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