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    I posted this at Microsoft's uservoice forum.

    Add tile notifications to shared Office documents

    Please add tile notifications to shared MS Office documents on Windows Phone. Here's why,

    I was testing how OneNote syncs between Web Docs and WP7. I created a new note on Skydrive, synced it with my phone and then pinned the note to my start screen.

    I then realized that I wouldn't notice any changes to the document unless I opened it myself. Not very problematic when we're talking about something I did myself, however, imagine if that was a shared document that multiple people were updating.

    In a business environment it could be extremely useful to know when an important document was updated. All it would take is a simple tile notification with a little number in the corner to indicate how many changes were made since the document was last opened.

    Again, this could be very useful in a business environment and would go a long way in helping promote Windows Phone as a business ready device - especially when people start syncing documents between WP7 and Windows 8. ^_-
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    04-03-2012 08:23 AM