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    Build a solid image that teenagers and young adults can relate to. Apple hit this on the nail they made any Apple product a fashion accessory and that's what Nokia needs to do Microsoft not so much.

    Nokia needs some sort of culture a culture like the young professional adult look you know how iPhones are for hipsters Androids are for geeks Microsoft can be symbolized as the new age business or successful young adult look.

    If I was in Nokia's marketing here in North America the first thing I would do is associate myself with the artist "The Weeknd". I would make a Lumia add which has this song on the background .

    I would have fashion artists sport the phone display the features with awesome lighting and the hook is what is really going to catch the consumers attention "You just want me cause I'm next" of course while showcasing the phone.

    This is what Nokia really needs to do is establish their image into the NA mainstream. Not with established stars but with up-and-comming stars.

    Microsoft needs to focus on their culture as well. As of right now ppl still thing of MS as M$ instead of the new generation Microsoft. They need to showcase their passion for programming, innovation and technology and focus an imprint to ppl's brain that this is a Microsoft product!

    Hopefully if somebody is in Nokia marketing or MS marketing reads this thread I am willing to help out with anything marketing related I'm pretty good at that.
    04-03-2012 11:10 PM