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    I've looked through accessories threads in various forums including this one and a few websites too.

    I am wondering if anyone has come across any sort of labelling that shouts "Windows Phone" - with or without logo.

    A sort of squarish logo that can go on the back of the phone or a "Windows Phone" in writing that could cover up the OEM name in the front?

    I know even a few low end Android devices like ZTE blade have those screen protectors where the top bit is printed to cover up "ZTE". Has anyone come across such screen protectors which has print that says "Windows Phone" for example that can cover OEM branding like HTC or Samsung?

    The reason I thought of this is, couple of times my friends have looked at me showing off the cool OS and then the question comes ...

    "What HTC is that? Gingerbread?" - ofcourse they aren't geeks, don't know Windows Phone exists etc.

    But if the same thing on top said "Windows Phone" - my pretty phone won't be taken for an Android by the noobs :(

    I do really like the fact that word of mouth has helped me support this OS alot and am behind this OS since day 1. Hence keep thinking of these sort of ideas ;)
    04-08-2012 10:31 AM