1. Mengels7's Avatar
    Hey everyone, just picked up my first Windows Phone and I have possibly a really dumb question. I can't seem to find an answer anywhere so please forgive me if this has been covered.

    Lumia 900. Gorgeous, bright screen. That's why I got it. How come when I open the web browser or Xbox Live (and probably other apps) the screen dims? Nothing is as bright as the home screen. Is this a bug? A setting I can change?
    04-10-2012 01:31 PM
  2. Thuoudo's Avatar
    White screens are (eye-burningly) bright plus they kill the battery faster on AMOLED screens. On your home screen, swipe to the Apps screen, scroll to Settings, go all the way to the bottom into Extra Settings and turn Use Auto Screen off.

    Higher up in the Settings menu, there is a setting for Screen Brightness. I use medium, but word on the street is the 900's screen is super bright so low may be better :)
    04-10-2012 01:40 PM
  3. gapost's Avatar
    I think they have the automatic brightness setting set a little low. You can take off the automatic setting and change the manual setting to high.
    04-10-2012 01:42 PM
  4. Mengels7's Avatar
    I appreciate the advice guys, and I have auto brightness turned off and turned to high, but there is no "Extra Settings" option in Settings that I can find! I crave that eye-blinding whiteness I see hints of on the home screen and in settings.
    04-10-2012 01:45 PM
  5. Thuoudo's Avatar
    Maybe the Extra menu was only Focus S...

    If it doesn't have that option and it's already set to high, it don't get no brighter :blush:
    04-10-2012 03:31 PM