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    I've been racking my brain for days now trying to get this thing to sync right. I have 2 iCloud calendars that I subscribed to through Live.com. The calendars show up fine online, they even show up in the calendar settings on the phone to toggle. Issue is that toggling doesn't bring the entries into the phone. The biggest issue is that some entries have come through on one calendar but not all for that subscribed calendar.

    I don't get it??? Why would some entries of a subscribed Calendar come through and others not? Then why would no entries come through for another even though it's toggled in the settings?

    Need help!

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    04-25-2012 11:39 PM
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    Well seems my issues are self repairing.... Today I actually had a few entries from one of the calendars mentioned above. It showed up out of nowhere like Hotmail had to get to.an entry to actually sync the calendar. Wierd.

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    04-26-2012 11:28 PM