1. BBBJJJ's Avatar
    At gatherings, my friends always play with their phones and show off their new apps. I would always find myself saying, "I don't have that, I have Windows Phone".

    But this weekend, I was asked for Phototastic by an iPhone user and for the Wordament by an Android user. It just gave me a lot of joy when they couldn't find it and telling them that it's a Windows Phone exclusive, respectively!

    What other awesome things do your friends think of your Windows Phone??
    05-01-2012 08:03 AM
  2. cp2_4eva's Avatar
    I don't really have my close friends around here, but I can tell you one thing, wordament is way more fun than words with friends. I don't think you can cheat on wordament like you can on word with friends. When I had an android, I quit playing some of my friends and my uncle, because I know they aren't wordy, but they come up with crazy astrophysics words. lol. wordament is way more taxing on the mind, and there's a time limit AND I play against 1000+ people. Thats TIGHT!

    Overall, i don't miss my iphone or android phones. I got some good skype action this weekend. Thanks for v1.0 skype!!!
    05-01-2012 08:16 AM
  3. willied's Avatar
    Wordament is definitely much better than Words With Friends (to me, anyway). I'm glad we have some cool exclusive apps.
    05-01-2012 12:42 PM
  4. socialcarpet's Avatar
    I love my phone, but most of my friends don't really understand why I did not get an iPhone or Android. About 75% of them think the iPhone, any iPhone is automatically the best cell phone and anything else is inferior. About 20% have Android and think it's a bit better than iPhone, though they aren't sure why or have no opinion. About 5% are annoying diehard Android enthusiasts who constantly rail on Apple and think Google is the second coming of Christ.

    I don't know a single person who has a Windows Phone other than myself. Most people I know look at it as a kind of oddity or take no interest in it after the initial 5 minutes that they first see it, tap a few tiles and comment on how nice the color on the AMOLED screen is.
    05-03-2012 10:27 AM
  5. bear_lx's Avatar
    show them your media player, its dreamy
    05-03-2012 01:42 PM
  6. Duvi's Avatar
    Although new users can't get it now, I show off my Zune subscription where I get 10 free songs a month and get to stream and download an unlimited amount of music.

    My good friend who works for at&t actually loves the service now for $10/mo as he can do Smart DJ/VJ on his xbox while still being able to use his computer and Lumia to download and stream music.
    05-03-2012 02:43 PM