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    My wife sent me 5 pics in an email. The pictures did not show up in the body of the email. I have to click to save each one to the phone. Is there a more efficient way to accomplish this? Also, if I receive an MS document, it does not automatically open in word or excel when I click it in the email. is this possible?

    05-06-2012 08:49 PM
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    Microsoft does this due to security concerns. With exploits, they can be attached to any kind of file, especially pictures or Macros/scripts run in office documents.

    I have yet to see a way of changing this on the phone at all. Maybe if the phone was unlocked, there mright be a setting, but i would have to say that there probably isn't. I only say that because i have not used a carrier unlocked device yet, so i am not sure if there is or not.

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