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    I'll try to make this brief.
    I'm on O2 PAYG (sim-free, unlocked Titan). I don't really want to change network (discount on O2 home B/B) except I only get shaky 2G signal at work (rural industrial estate) and I'm not allowed to connect to company wi-fi.
    I've noticed experimenting with free sim cards from other networks that Orange can field a 3G signal and Three can trump that with 3.5G/H (I did actually try it out with credit, not just take the phone's signal display for granted).

    Both of those networks though, say you can't tether on PAYG only on Pay Monthly plans.
    However. O2 say the same thing; tether on PM only, not PAYG...but I can tether on my Titan, no problems.
    Powercut at home? Not an issue, laptop off tethered phone.
    Setting up my old 7 Pro for my mate? No worries, tethering had me covered.

    So..can the networks only prohibit tethering on handsets locked to their respective services?
    05-11-2012 06:55 AM
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    Speaking about the US, it's less about the device than it is about the "terms of service" outlined by the carrier. Most, if not all, PayGo services here specifically say they can terminate your account if you tether. Browsers send out an ID every time you click a link and send out packets. Carriers can see that Firefox 12 isn't a mobile browser :P

    Now whether cut you off or not...that is the question. Some prepaids care, others don't--even with tethering prohibited in their terms.

    I'd say use a throwaway SIM and never have more than a few pounds in your account and see what happens ;) If you get the boot, no big loss.
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    05-12-2012 11:52 AM