05-22-2012 04:02 PM
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    We have to be careful though, that we don't push Windows Phone on people it's not suitable for.

    Some folk I know have been asking me recently what phone I'd recommend, and usually these are people that really just want an iPhone. To those people, I have to say that if you really want an iPhone, then nothing else will do for you. There's just no point in pushing WP hard, and saying to people that it's really great and everyone should get one. Because all that'll happen is that if you convince someone to get a WP who actually wants an iPhone, they'll just be disappointed in it. Even if WP is a better all-round experience, it won't matter to someone who already - deep down - knows what they want.

    There was a time, seemingly a few months back now, where people would come on here for advice on which OS to go with, and they would get an honest reply. But now it seems there's an agenda to push WP, not really discuss other OS's too much (unless it's in a negative sense), and certainly not talk about WP problems or shortcomings (those threads seem to get closed quickly). I don't think that approach will help anyone.

    I was talking to my Mum recently, who is due an upgrade soon. She is fed up with her current android device (too fiddly and unreliable), and doesn't have much clue about the iPhone. Well, in that case she is a perfect fit for WP. It's ideal. But, there's little point in me trying to convince my Apple-loving friend to go WP when all they want is to be able to use the same apps their other iPhone owning friends have got, and just to be able to say they have an iPhone.

    I realise that it's a stupid reason to own a phone - just because everyone else has got one. But you'll never convert people that think like that with a logical argument based on WP's strengths. Some people (a lot actually) just don't care about that.

    I guess I'm trying to just say that, if we convince people to get a WP that don't really want one, they'll just report it as a bad experience, and that negativity soon generates a reputation. But if we sell WP to those who are ready for it, it stands a good chance at generating the right kind of reputation that spreads, without having to be forced.
    I agree. My mom doesn't like the design of Metro UI and is used to Android so she probably doesn't want to learn a new OS.
    05-22-2012 03:57 AM
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    Glad to hear you're enjoying your new phone patch321!
    05-22-2012 03:58 PM
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    As you correctly quoted, I said AMBASSADOR, not salesman. There is a world of difference between the two. Also, the OP stated in their initial post the experiences on the other systems. As an AMBASSADOR, we aid in helping the user with the offerings on Windows Phone, and as you see in their last response, it's EXACTLY what they were looking for....not to be directed back to Android/iOS.
    Agreed. That's exactly how I approach it. Another way to put it is "attraction, not promotion". We don't want to proselytize.

    I haven't tried to talk a single person into getting a Windows Phone. A few people have asked me about my phone, and if they should get one. I always show them the phone and explain what I love about it. Everyone who knows me knows I am enthusiastic about Windows Phone. But at the same time, I always add the caveat that there may be some applications they won't be able get and that the phone works a bit differently than their iPhone or Android so there will be a learning curve (though a very gentle one). If they ask me if I think they should get one (a few people have) I usually ask them what phone they have now, how they use it and what they like and don't like about it. Then I tell them what I think about how a Windows Phone might work for them.

    The last thing I want to do is talk someone into getting a Windows Phone without understanding their needs/wants/abilities only to have them angry at me or worse, going on to a forum and ranting and raving because over something stupid like not being able to get Angry Birds Rio or because some process doesn't work like it did on their Android. :dry
    05-22-2012 04:02 PM
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