06-08-2012 06:10 AM
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  1. cckgz4's Avatar
    Saw a focus at the job recently.
    05-31-2012 01:38 AM
  2. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    Do you guys actually going around staring at people's phone screens?
    Honestly? Yes, I do, I like to try and work out what phone someone has.

    Unless someone is waving their phone around, it's not very often that I notice what anyone is using for the OS on their phone. I'm not approaching strangers and looking over their shoulders.
    I have a natural eye for spotting it then it seems. And trust me, if I see a Windows Phone, it gets my attention faster than any other, the live tiles are so eye-catching. Of course, most of my friends couldn't work out it had Windows Phone and thought it was a very interesting looking Android skin when they saw the HTC logo.
    06-07-2012 03:38 PM
  3. IanLorenc's Avatar
    I've only ever seen one in the wild. It was a HD7 in Carphone Warehouse and sadly, it was being returned because there was something wrong with it. I tried to find out what, but there's only so close you can stand to someone, eavesdropping, before they notice.

    What about "I'm A WP7" for gauging popularity and take-off? I realise it's not definitive but it is a pretty popular app and gives a reasonable idea.

    As I say, I've only seen one myself, but according to I'm A WP7, there are another five, just within a few streets (or blocks, if you prefer) of me. So I know there's at least five others close to me, with perhaps an unknown number more that haven't downloaded the app.
    One day - when I can be bothered and have the time - I may go into town and check I'm A WP7 there, see how many it picks up.
    06-08-2012 01:21 AM
  4. cckgz4's Avatar
    Saw another person with an HD7 today. My co-worker also noticed my phone and asked was it the phone in the new AT&T commercials
    06-08-2012 06:10 AM
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