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    Sorry this is probably long winded, but I hope whatever comes from it will be helpful to others in the future!!!

    I recently added a third email account. One is set to sync as items come in and two are set at hourly. This is in addition to facebook and twitter. After I got home from work late last week I did the convert from a hotmail to live account trick that was posted here on WP Central. Everything with it went fine, except that over the weekend and up until today has been like water (still in the 90% range 5 hours after unplugging it, but I've only sent 3 texts and had it on four times for maybe 5 minutes total at most). My phone has seemed to be charging really fast lately. Yesterday I literally killed my battery to the point turning it on told me good-bye and charged it back to full thinking maybe the battery memory needed to be reset. I don't have any apps with less than a few hundred or more reviewers and nothing, other than some official apps that I actually enjoy are rated worse than 4 stars. Virtually all my settings are defaults and screen locks at 1 minute, battery saver is on.

    **Those are the symptoms and here are my questions.**

    1) In doing a hard reset, does the phone and/or battery think it is also reset? Meaning if my battery was at like 50% when I did the reset that 50% is the new 100%?

    2a) How many email accounts can you have set to sync (so not on manual) before you see a big drop in battery performance?

    2b) How significant is the impact on battery life when email is being sync'd always? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? hourly?

    3a) What kind of impact do live tiles/updates have on battery life? The Nokia ESPN app just got live tiles, which I have since disabled in hopes it would help, but it didn't.

    3b) What kind of impact do toast notifications have on battery life?

    4) Are there any popular apps that are known to kill your battery by simply having them installed and the phone in my pocket?
    05-24-2012 10:24 AM
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    hey Ikissfutebol,

    first things first you can check this out for mroe info: Battery, tips and tricks:

    1: Doing a hard reset on your phone has nothing to do with your battery life. if your battery life is draining faster its cause of your functions. if your battery LIFE has been cut in half or more then your battery has a problem.

    when you do a HARD reset your phone reactivates all the function , so doing hard reset with out then OPTIMIZING your settings WILL drain your battery more.

    2: every e-mail account being sync drains additionally your battery , depending on the data being downloaded.

    2b: Enough! its like leaving your WIFI turned onw hen you dont use it ... its constantly SEARCHING for network , every 15min your e-mail searches for an update.

    3: live tiles does drain your battery , the more you have the worst , also depending on how often the app updates. also LOCATION base apps also drains battery.

    3)a notification = very little

    4) any app that has live tiles+location update + run in background ( exp: weather apps)
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    05-24-2012 11:13 AM
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    Actually I also suspect Board Express. Only during use as My phone becomes quite hot. Only with this app and only when I use it. So I'm currently testing life without it for a while.
    05-24-2012 12:37 PM
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    Actually I also suspect Board Express. Only during use as My phone becomes quite hot. Only with this app and only when I use it. So I'm currently testing life without it for a while.
    if you want to test it with out eye balling i over 3-4 dayz. check out the diagnostic tool!! you can check out battery usage: install app test it , uninstall app , test it..

    11: Diagnostic Menu and tweaks:

    PS all these links can be found in the : getting started thread ( my signature or sticky in OS discussion )
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    05-24-2012 01:19 PM
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    Just for an update, my 9 hours since my last charge, I'm at 68% battery with 14 hours estimated to be remaining. I've played some games, checked email, texted, made a few phone calls, etc. This is more like my Lumia 710 since I got it two months ago.

    Prior to draining my battery, I would have been in the single digit percentage points left 3 hours ago having pretty much just sending a couple text messages. Hopefully whatever was wrong is now right :)
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    05-24-2012 04:18 PM
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    Ikossfutebol (sorry can't quote-Damn Board Express). While everything takes a toll on battery, noting you have mentioned is unusual. Background tasks don't run more often than every 30 minutes, some only once per day. Live Tiles, unless the app uses push (very few do) uses 0 power when the phone is asleep. I can write an essay here on what I have already discovered about the L900 and battery (I am currently running a series of tests) but I will leave you with this.

    I have data and WiFi on 24/7. I have 5 email accounts: 3 push, 1 every 15 minutes, 1 every 2 hours. Eight active background tasks. Location, Feedback, Find My Phone and Phone Update all ON. Auto brightness and set to stay on for 3 minutes. I have 43 tiles on my Start Screen, 29 of which are Live (meaning they update), of which 18 flip or are animated. I consume between 2.25% (at home) and 3.5% (at office) of battery while idle, and an additional 9-10% pe hour while the screen is awake. I will swear to all the above on a stack of Bibles. Looks like you most recent experience is about in line with my usage. Enjoy your L900.

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    05-24-2012 05:30 PM